Mag Mall is a magazine subscription service that offers users a good quality service alongside a vast array of genres of magazines. This company has more than 55 categories of magazines you can browse through, and it provides a handful of search options to make finding the perfect magazine simple.

This website offers a good selection of genres and plenty of magazines to choose from within each genre. Standard categories like Spanish, news, business and celebrity gossip are well represented on However, in some of the categories, the number of magazine subscriptions available is fairly limited.

You can search these categories by genre or price. You can also search the first letter of each magazine. In addition, you can filter your magazine options for locations such as searching magazines best for salons, doctor's offices, spas, hotels, etc.

To help you save money when using this company, there are free coupons and promotional offers available on the company website. You can use one coupon each day to help you save even more money on each subscription. offers fantastic magazine subscription options – not only yearly subscriptions from daily to bi-monthly, but orders for your business, school or health club. Mag Mall provides free quotes for bulk orders and package deals. Additionally, this magazine subscription service allows you to buy subscriptions as gifts. With this option, you can personalize your gift with a message for the recipient. It's a small touch, but one that we like to see.

This subscription service offers a selection of payment options. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. You can also pay for your subscription via PayPal if you choose. Unfortunately, this company doesn't offer a very strong cancellation policy. You can cancel your subscription if it is within 48 hours of placing your order; if not, you may not be able to cancel your order.

You can reach representatives from this company via email or telephone support. There are no FAQs on the company website, which is a drawback. Luckily, Mag Mall is straightforward and mostly self-explanatory.

Mag Mall has everything you need to manage subscriptions, get good prices on magazines and arrange gift subscriptions. It is also one of the few websites that offers deals for those who wish to purchase several magazines for their company waiting rooms.