Whether you are looking for magazines to enjoy in a school, business, library or your own home, Magazine Subscription has an inventory to help you find exactly what you are looking for. This company provides a wide assortment of magazine options to choose from for individuals of all ages and all interests. This company makes the ordering process simple and provides a few perks such as gift options and no automatic renewals without your consent.

This company offers a decent selection of magazine options. You can search by numerous categories such as animals, business, education, fitness, news, travel and fashion. When you find a magazine you wish to purchase, you simply put the subscription into your cart or you can call toll-free and place your order. You can pay via credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout.

One of the advantages to Magazine Subscription is it will not renew your subscription automatically. Some companies will automatically renew after your subscription is over and charge your credit card without any warning. This company will not. However, if you do choose to renew your subscription, the company will send you an invoice that you can pay, making the renewal process simple. In addition, you can send magazine subscriptions as gifts if you choose. You can even write a message to the recipient during the checkout process. In addition, there is free shipping within the United States.

When you're looking for a specific magazine or to simply browse through the inventory of this company, there are plenty of search capabilities available. You can search alphabetically, by keyword, by price or by interest/hobby. And within some larger categories such as sports and outdoors, there are subcategories such as hiking, fishing or dance where you can narrow down your search more.

After you have signed up for a magazine subscription, you can manage your subscriptions on the company website. You can also manage all of your personal information such as your mailing address and contact information. Furthermore, if you do need any help or have questions about your magazine subscription, you can email or call a representative from the company for further assistance.

Overall, Magazine Subscriptions provides many features including excellent search capabilities, no automatic renewals and an adequate inventory. You can also send a personal message if you purchase a subscription as a gift, making gift giving much easier and more fun for everyone.