CreateSpace is Amazon's online book publishing service. That alone makes it worth looking into for self-publishing. Like its parent company, CreateSpace has earned a reputation for a continually high standard of service. You can customize how you want to use the service, paying only for what you need.

CreateSpace has several packages to choose from, but it gives you the flexibility to purchase stand-alone services. For instance, if you have editing or graphic design skills or know someone who does, you may opt to do some of the services yourself and outsource others. This option may be more cost-effective, depending on your situation.

The packages include services such as cover design, a simple or complex custom interior service, and online distribution through Amazon, your eStore and any other sales channels of your choosing. Higher plans offer comprehensive copy editing, premier cover design, a professional review from Kirkus Indie Reviews, and LCCN and ISBN assignments.

The cover design service helps you translate the themes and feeling of your book into a professional visual design that attracts readers. You have different options during the design process and can provide feedback to shape the look you envision for your book.

Some packages offer marketing copy from a professional copywriter. The copywriter uses the book's themes and message to produce a tagline, book description, cover texts and author biography that will catch readers' attention. CreateSpace also provides keywords to improve your book's placement on Amazon so more readers will discover it. When you publish the digital version of your work, it's free to change the cover design at any time if you want to update the look of your book.

The biggest advantage CreateSpace has over other online book publishing companies is that, because of Amazon's enormous customer base, there is a far greater potential to get your book seen by more eyes than there is with the average venue. You can pay for additional marketing services to grab potential readers' attention.

CreateSpace offers a professional review of your book, an excerpt from which can be placed on the cover to give the book third-party credibility. If your book is a "page-turner" or a "terrifying thrill ride," a cover quote from a reliable source like Kirkus Indie Reviews grabs readers' attention. You can also pay to get a professional video trailer produced for your website, and you can link it to YouTube and Amazon to get even more eyes on your project.

Since it is an Amazon company, CreateSpace publishes your work to Amazon and Kindle, but it also has other publishing options to extend your bookselling reach. CreateSpace has the ability to expose an eBook to a larger audience than most other sites can. With the print-on-demand (POD) service, you can provide a print copy to your readers as they order. CreateSpace uses services like Ingram Book Group to access websites like Powell's and AbeBooks to sell POD editions of eBooks.

This is one of the most accessible and customizable self-publishing services available. It allows you to publish your manuscript your way, without pressure to buy anything you don't want or that doesn't help your process. When you sign up for the service, before you pay a cent, a representative calls you and answers any questions you have. The CreateSpace team is available to answer questions throughout the process, either via email or phone.

CreateSpace is a customizable self-publishing service that helps you publish your book the way you envision it. This online publisher has all of the paid services you need to professionally edit, format, design and market your manuscript. You can take advantage of its expert marketing services to catch your readers' attention, improve the visibility of your book and maximize your sales.