Infinity Publishing offers packages that allow you to adjust your royalties. This online publisher has one rare service offering that can increase your sales: a no-risk opportunity for book retailers to sell your book. Bookstores can stock your book with the knowledge that they can return any unsold copies.

If you choose Infinity as your partner in publishing, it takes an average of six to nine weeks to work through the process from manuscript to finished volume. When you sell your books, you get a 30 percent royalty based on the cover price of books purchased directly from Infinity's online bookstore. You receive a 15 percent royalty based on the wholesale price for all books sold through third-party retailers.

This online publisher has a wide selling reach. You have options to sell through Infinity's online store, Amazon,,,, and Unlike with some other online publishing companies, you must pay extra to get your book linked up with distributors Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, which are enormous companies and highly useful in placing books for sale. In this era, working with them is practically a necessity to sell books on a significant scale.

Infinity Publishing offers a Value-Added Royalty Package that lets you raise the price of your book beyond the minimum suggested price. Infinity recommends this primarily for nonfiction works, since the demand for fiction may not justify a price increase. However, the decision is yours. After consulting with an Infinity representative, you have a say in how much customers must pay for your book.

This company extends an excellent and rare bookseller return service to its authors. Infinity sells books to stores at a 40 percent discount and permits retailers, for a one-year period, to return unsold volumes without a penalty or restocking fee. This could make retail bookstores more likely to carry your book, because there is no financial risk, which opens more avenues for you to make your book available to potential buyers.

Other publishing features include manuscript layout, the assignment of an ISBN, barcode creation, an original cover design, unlimited images placed inside your book and free author copies. Infinity can make copies of your book available for review. You get author discounts if you want to sell books yourself through any avenue, including trade shows and book fairs. You also have access to articles on how to market your book.

Infinity recognizes the power of eBook publishing and makes this an attractive extra service for an additional fee. Some packages offer you eBook formatting for Kindle, Nook and other eReaders. For an extra fee, you can also get copy editing and proofreading, expedited publishing, art for the cover design, press release writing services, co-op discounted advertising, custom illustrations, help with creating a website, and written promotional materials such as bookmarks, postcards and business cards.

Customer support is an area where this online publishing company does wonderfully. You have access to a toll-free phone number, email support, FAQs and blogs where you can discuss publishing with other writers.

Infinity Publishing can convert your manuscript into an attractive paperback at a relatively low cost and make it easy for stores to keep your book in stock. This is a full-featured service to get your book published and printed.