Lulu has a well-earned good reputation for its online book publishing services. This self-publishing company provides a quality, affordable way to publish your content through its easily navigable website. The site clearly explains the guidelines for publishing so you know exactly what you are buying when you pay for a service.

This eBook publisher offers packages for you to choose from depending on the extent of your publishing needs. You can also forgo the package deals and buy services individually so you don't pay for unneeded features. You can outsource your cover art and editing, which gives you the flexibility to customize your project the way you want.

All of the packages include a custom front-and-back cover design, ISBN assignment, global distribution, one-on-one author support, interior design, layout, and image insertions. With all of the book publishing packages, the company can format your content for Nook, iPad and iPhones, and each package also includes author discounts and free copies.

Lulu's cover design options range from basic to sophisticated templates, depending on the plan you choose. You can choose from many predesigned options at no additional cost beyond the basic printing expenses. The premium cover design service allows you to work with a graphic artist to bring out the themes of your story in a professional, customized cover design that gives your book a distinct look.

One of the great things about Lulu is its approachability. Before you decide on any of the paid services, you can consult with its professionals free of charge to determine if a service is right for you. The company doesn't pressure you into paying for services that don't serve your specific needs.

Once Lulu publishes your book, you can opt for promotional services such as an author website and website hosting. The hosting, which is a free service for the first year, ensures that your site is fully functional and maintained.

You can also pay for book reviews in recognized publications, such as Kirkus and Trifecta, and take full advantage of book fair exhibits at such locations as New York, London and Beijing. You can pay for professional book and author videos that Lulu can distribute to YouTube and other venues to advertise your book with style.

In case you and your consultant feel the book has multimedia potential, Lulu even has a production company called Thruline Entertainment. This is an impressive team of Oscar- and Emmy-winning professionals who can help you bring your story to life on the big or little screen if a studio picks it up. Even if it isn't picked up, it will be available in an exclusive file for Hollywood execs to access for future projects.

When you publish your eBook, it is available on Lulu's website, which is a great way to get eyes on it. Lulu can also help you distribute your book to Amazon, the Barnes & Noble website, Baker & Taylor, and iBookstore.

Lulu operates its print services on a print-on-demand basis, but by utilizing Ingram Book Group, it can sell print volumes through popular book websites like Powell's and AbeBooks. You set the price for your book and retain 90 percent of the profits. Print books sold directly through Lulu have a higher profit margin than those sold elsewhere, but there is a generous margin regardless of where you sell them.

Lulu is a well-established publishing service that gives you all of the options you need to release your manuscript exactly the way you want, without the headaches often involved with getting a book published. Consultation during every step of the process is free and helps you make informed decisions, so you never have to buy a service you don't need.