Virtual Book Worm Publishing offers publication packages with relatively low costs and high-quality customer support. This company's packages give you many solid features that are not available from other online publishing companies.

With Virtual Book Worm, you can get your book through the entire publishing process, from editing to printed form, in only four to six weeks, which is faster than many online book publishing companies. You also get royalties at 50 percent of your book's net price, whether it sells directly through Virtual Book Worm Publishing or a third party.

The eBooks published through Virtual Book Worm, however, are relatively overpriced. Most other online publishers price eBooks low with the hope of making more in royalties from a higher volume of sales. Virtual Book Worm charges as much for its eBooks as many mainstream publishers do. This could put you at a disadvantage as the author. The print-on-demand editions are priced reasonably and in line with other publishers, though.

Virtual Book Worm designs your book's layout with a number of free images, creates a generic cover, assigns your book an ISBN, arranges for a barcode and places images inside your book for free. The company also creates a page for your book on its website.

However, the company does not handle any of the copyright work for you. Instead, you get a copyright kit and must obtain the copyright yourself. Not all packages include promotional help, which is fine for writers who understand and can handle that aspect of publishing, but not so good for other writers who need help promoting their books.

This company provides author discounts if you are buying copies of your book to sell yourself, which you can do at conventions, book fairs or through other avenues. Virtual Book Worm has about 1,100 titles in print, so its selling reach is not extraordinary. With this company, though, you can get your book associated with the giant Baker & Taylor and Ingram Book Group distributors, which provide an enormous pool of potential readers and book buyers. Your book can also be sold through Virtual Book Worm's online bookstore, Amazon,,,, and

For an extra fee, you can convert your book to an eBook format compatible with the Kindle, which expands your potential buying audience. Virtual Book Worm can also create a video book trailer for you that you can upload anywhere, giving you another powerful promotional tool.

You can buy add-on services for a professionally designed cover, copy editing and proofreading, custom illustrations, press-release writing and distribution, promotional emails, media notification, and written promotional materials such as postcards, business cards and bookmarks. Virtual Book Worm, for a fee, can set up a personal website for you to showcase your book and attract buyers. Virtual Book Worm does an excellent job of providing support to authors. You get access to a toll-free phone number, email support, FAQs and a forum to discuss a variety of topics.

Virtual Book Worm Publishing states that it is a small publishing company by choice and is pleased with the friendly relationships it has with its authors. For some writers, the company's smaller size and the fairly low number of book titles in print could be off-putting, but the personal touch suits other writers.