Xlibris offers a wide selling reach and provides some useful features in its publishing packages. Some of its packages provide fewer features to authors than the self-publishing packages available from many other print-on-demand companies, but, with 25,000 titles in print, Xlibris clearly knows how to get books published. It typically takes 12 to 17 weeks to get your book from manuscript into published form with this online publishing company.

For royalties, you get 25 percent of the cover price for books sold directly through Xlibris' online bookstore and 10 percent of the cover price for ones sold through any third-party retailers. You can choose one of its templates for covers and book interiors.

This online publisher offers manuscript formatting, an ISBN and free book copies for you as the author. It also provides both a book page and an author page for you on its website. With some packages, you receive postcards, bookmarks and business cards for your promotional efforts.

The company distributes its books through the huge Ingram Book Group. In addition to Xlibris' online store, you can sell your book through Amazon,,,, and

Xlibris offers many useful add-on services. These include a Library of Congress Control Number, copyright registration, expedited publication, custom text and layout, publication in hardcover, leather-bound editions, custom illustrations and extra illustrations inside your book, assistance to expand your visibility in Google searches, and a set-your-own-price package that affects your royalties.

You can add book return programs that make it more attractive for brick-and-mortar bookstores to stock your work, because they can return unsold copies without any financial penalty. These programs are available in packages of 12, 24 and 36 months. However, the burden is on you to persuade a bookstore owner or manager to take part in this effort. Xlibris offers recommendations for how to approach businesses and make a pitch for them to stock your book. These suggestions even cover what to wear and which times during the week are best for making an appointment.

Xlibris makes other DIY marketing tools available, such as free articles about how to get your book publicized and into the hands of readers, create a promotional plan, and choose media targets and set up book signings. For an additional fee, Xlibris can undertake any number of marketing programs for you, including writing press releases, contacting media outlets, embarking on email campaigns, designing your webpage, marketing your book on social media, and creating a video book trailer.

You can also get an eBook upgrade to format your book for use on an eReader device such as the Kindle. You can pay to get See Inside the Book capabilities on Amazon and, which many readers use to help them make buying decisions.

Xlibris has shown by the number of book titles it has published that it is a real mover in the world of online publishing houses. It has many publishing options for authors of all writing and skill levels, including a large number of marketing and promotion services.