Powell's Books provides a large selection of both new and used books. If you live in Portland, Oregon, the store offers even more flexibility to you, as it has locations throughout the city. For those of us who don't live in Portland though, Powell's website makes searching and buying books simple and fast. Unfortunately, this online bookstore doesn't offer free shipping.

This online bookseller offers an extensive selection of titles. You can sort through a variety of subjects, including arts and entertainment, hobbies, poetry, cooking, and travel. You can purchase new or used books, including textbooks. You can even preorder signed copies of books from authors.

The website for this online bookstore is easy to use. It is well organized with handy drop-down menus that allow users to narrow their search, but the menus and search bar are unobtrusive and don't clutter the page. When you browse by subject, you can also select subcategories. The basic search permits queries for title, author and ISBN number.

When you order from this online bookstore, there is a flat shipping rate. You can also order expedited shipping (plus other options), but additional charges apply. International shipping options are also available but, again, these cost extra.

If you wish to return your purchase for any reason, you can return books within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. However, conditions apply: The book must be in its original condition. Further, the company will not accept book returns in quantities of 10 or more of the same title or book orders with quantities of five or more (of the same title) that exceed $300. Additionally, if your order contains software, DVDs, or CDs that have been opened, the company will not refund your purchase.

Powell's Books' customer support is thorough, as the store offers in-store, phone and email support. There are also FAQs on the website and support resources that can address many concerns you may have as well.

Powell's Books provides a great selection, excellent search options and customer care. However, free shipping and a longer return options would enhance this company even more.

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