An online coupon service should provide savings to you on anything from groceries and clothing to electronics and travel. The sites we chose offer printable coupons, online coupon codes or rebates. We did not include sites that require you to download and install anything on your computer, except coupon printer browser add-ons. Most of the coupon services require you to sign up, and they place cookies, or tracking information, on your computer to better serve your couponing needs. You can read more about couponing in our articles on online coupon services.

The best coupon websites offer savings in a variety of categories such as extreme couponing, online bargains and printable coupons. Of all the free coupon websites, we found the ones that offer the best deals.

Best Online Coupon Services for Extreme Couponing

Extreme couponing is a method in which shoppers combine sales with coupons, deals and savings cards to pay as little as possible for items. It takes a lot of research and organization to effectively save as much as you can. Coupon sites that offer printable coupons, weekly sales ads from stores, and online deals can help you get on the road to extreme couponing. The best coupon websites for extreme shoppers also have links to offers from manufacturers. You won't have to download anything, but you usually have to sign up with your email address or like a Facebook page or some other social media site to print a coupon. To save you time – and paper – some of these sites let you load coupons onto a savings card, which you can scan at your grocery store to automatically receive savings on products.

Grocery Smarts

Grocery Smarts is not for the weak-hearted. It is an online coupon service that includes research of coupons and sales, so you don't have to do it yourself. This online coupon website is packed with information, but its layout and language may seem a bit foreign at first. Once you become familiar with the abbreviations, codes and lingo on the site, you will be saving your family a ton of money every time you go to the grocery store.

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Best Coupon Websites for Overall Savings

If couponing is a way of life for you, 'you probably try to find savings wherever you can. You make use of the coupons you receive in the mail, in your Sunday newspaper and through weekly circulars, manufacturer sign-ups and store sales. You can find coupon websites that offer a little bit of everything so you can save on groceries, clothing, electronics, travel and more.

These coupon websites let you print coupons that you can use at grocery stores, retail shops or online. Theoretically, you can save on absolutely everything you buy if you time your purchases right. Many of these money-saving websites let you sign up for newsletters and notifications so you can stay on top of the latest coupons or deals.


RetailMeNot is a one-stop shop for frugal living. This online coupon service has hundreds of coupon codes to your favorite stores, a large selection of printable coupons, international coupons and specialty pages on some popular sales days, such as Black Friday deals, Christmas sales and more.

Read more here is a source for all things savings. This online coupon service has features to help you save in multiple ways, such as clippable coupons, coupon codes, loyalty card coupons and exclusive member savings.

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Best Online Coupon Services for Printable Coupons

If your goal is to save dollars on items you buy the most, like groceries and toiletries, you probably pick up your Sunday newspaper. Those booklets of coupons that you clip are unique and can be paired with store coupons for even more savings. Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G are all familiar names if you habitually clip coupons. These are big names in money savings, and you can get coupons for the same brands online.

Additionally, there are websites that pool all of the available printable coupons in one spot – including manufacturer deals. Usually all that's asked of you is an email address to sign up for savings.


RedPlum is widely recognized as one of the booklets of paper coupons you can get in almost every edition of the Sunday newspaper or as a circular in your mailbox. This money-saving insert also has an online coupon service where you can click and print coupons, or load them onto your grocery loyalty card.

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SmartSource is one of the most popular coupon printing services. If you subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, you are probably very familiar with SmartSource, as each Sunday edition features a printed booklet full of coupons for you to cut out. You are able to access the majority of these printable coupons online through Many other coupon websites use SmartSource's coupons. Although SmartSource is a household name among couponers, the online coupon service does not offer the biggest variety of coupons, but it does offer great discounts on items your family will use every day.

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Best Couponing Websites for Online Deals

You don't have to clip coupons to save money. Several coupon websites offer coupon codes and promotional deals for various products. You can save money on car rentals, jewelry, clothes, kitchenware, gift cards and more. The best couponing websites include the expiration dates with the offers or remove the offers when they expire so you don't waste your time.

In order to save money on these items, you can browse categories or search for specific stores. If you find a coupon code, you just copy it and then go to the website that is offering the promotion, shop for what you need and, if your purchase qualifies, add the code to a specific field and your total will be discounted.

Coupon Chief offers you savings in a few ways. This online coupon service gives you coupon codes for online shopping, and it pays its members a percentage of sales from coupons you submit to the service.

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FlamingoWorld is an online coupon service that focuses on saving you money through online coupons, printable coupons, grocery coupons, local and daily deals, and weekly ads. Other than signing up to receive coupons by email, FlamingoWorld doesn't offer many features beyond coupons and online codes.

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How to Save the Most Money With Coupons

When you combine money-saving methods with sales or clearances, you can get the most for your money. In addition to printing out coupons, loading your store loyalty cards with coupons and signing up for manufacturer's discounts, be sure to save your Catalina printouts, the coupons that print at checkout. Keep your eye out for coupons hanging from shelves at your grocery store, and if you subscribe to any magazines, clip and save coupons from those, too.

The trick to saving the most money is waiting for the right sale for your coupons. Sales tend to run in cycles based on seasons, holidays and trends. So, in January you're going to find sales on diet foods, snacks, soda, soups, exercise equipment and items for organization, thanks to New Year's Eve resolutions, the Super Bowl, cold weather and everyone putting away their holiday decorations. Just as in October, you're going to see sales for candy, baking products and nuts because of Halloween and the start of holiday baking season.

A little bit of knowledge of the sales cycles, a lot of coupons and discounts from the websites we listed and a strong commitment to saving money will net you a big return on investment.