Grocery Smarts is not for the weak-hearted. It is an online coupon service that includes research of coupons and sales, so you don't have to do it yourself. This online coupon website is packed with information, but its layout and language may seem a bit foreign at first. Once you become familiar with the abbreviations, codes and lingo on the site, you will be saving your family a ton of money every time you go to the grocery store.

Every single day, this coupon website is updated to include the newest coupons. As each coupon is added, you can view them under their respective release dates. You have access to hundreds of printable coupons through Grocery Smarts. To keep things organized, each coupon is separated and divided into four groups: A, B, C and Singles. Each group includes coupons from specific brands, and singles are from manufacturers, which may require you to like a Facebook page, register on the site or sign up for newsletters. You can search for a specific brand from a search bar at the top, or you can browse what's available.

Grocery Smarts caters only to those looking to save money at the grocery store, both national chains and local businesses. This online coupon service provides lengthy, detailed lists of weekly sale items for multiple stores in your area. Next to each sale item, Grocery Smarts provides the sale price and coupon details as well as a rating of each deal (out of five stars).

You can also use this service to create and print your own shopping list from the master grocery ad and coupon matchup. This is the perfect grocery list, as it will have the product name, the coupon that you need for that item and how much the item will be with the coupon. This can lead to significant savings every time you shop.

This coupon website offers incredibly detailed grocery lists, but they can also be confusing at first if you are new to couponing, as the lists contain codes and abbreviations that may be unfamiliar. If you read the "Learn How to Coupon" PDF that Grocery Smarts provides and give the site a few tries, you will soon be able to view and create a shopping list, as well as printing off all of the corresponding coupons.

Stores from all 50 states are represented on this coupon website. Many of the states have local and national grocery lists available. For local lists, GrocerySmart contributors in that area do the research and create the lists

This site is an extreme couponing mecca. The information shared by Grocery Smarts and the amount of time that contributors take each day to update the site to include the newest coupons is extensive. And the grocery lists are helpful timesavers.