LiveJournal is a solid journaling platform that gives you tools to make your journaling experience the best it can be. This online diary has an array of useful features, including a neatly organized interface and customizable posting. It lacks robust security measures, though.

The site is very easy to navigate. It has a clean layout that is intuitive to the average user. All of the options are neatly spread out, placed where you would expect to find them, and the text is completely uncluttered.

Though LiveJournal doesn't have military-level security features like sites such as Penzu, most users will be content with the site's offerings. There are three levels of privacy for your online diary: You can keep entries private, viewable to friends only or viewable to the public. You can also choose whether or not search engines are allowed to find your journal page or the comments.

Finding a specific post on LiveJournal is easy and quick, even for beginners. You can search by keyword, thanks to its tagging capability, and you can search by the most recent entries. To search for a post by date, you can either type in a specific date or view the journal's calendar. The calendar lists each post in a calendar style with the number of posts created each day and links to each post for easy access.

You can coordinate your LiveJournal posts to match your personal style. Users can choose from dozens of pre-made designs. This online diary site offers a greater variety of journal designs than other online diaries. You can even create your own design or get one from various online sites and apply the HTML code to your account by using the HTML code editor.

LiveJournal users can post new journal entries using a mobile phone app, a Voice Post or LiveJournal Talk. The Voice Post allows users to call a phone number and say what you want posted. The program will transcribe the words into text and post it to the journal – no typing needed. LiveJournal Talk uses a service called Jabber to convert instant messenger communications into LiveJournal posts. It also works with Gizmo Project, Gmail, Earthlink and other IM providers.

If you're out of ideas for a subject, this online journaling community has that covered. The site's homepage features a writer's block area. In this area, users can find writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing.

Feel like reading other's thoughts instead of writing your own? The Random Journal option on the homepage takes you to a random user's journal. Not only is this an interesting way to make friends, it is also a great way to come up with ideas for your own posts.

LiveJournal maintains a quality journaling website that features quality security options (though is not as robust as it could be), a variety of customization choices and a wide range of publishing and organization tools.