My Therapy Journal is for people wanting to sort out their feelings and dig deeper into their psyche using the written word. The deep concepts embraced by these online diaries may be too much for some and a blessed oasis for others.

This online diary was designed to help people track their feelings and chart their progress with various struggles they have been dealing with. Accordingly, there are self-made charts you can add to your journal to track, for example, your moods or money issues. These trackers display your information in chart form, complete with graphs. The graphs can be used to confirm your own thoughts, or it can be used in conjunction with formal therapy treatments.

In keeping with the therapy theme, the site is all about soothing colors and gentle lines. Unfortunately, you may end up a bit stressed out trying to figure out how to use the different features since the platform is rather cluttered. There are some instructions; however, you will have to read them closely as they are not immediately clear.

When you start your diary at My Therapy Journal, you can choose from a list of writing moods. This helps organize entries into a specific category like freestyle, life lessons, dreams, poems, memories, etc. There are 10 categories in all.

With most sites you can find old posts by searching through keywords or dates, but with this journaling site, you can also search by the mood you added to your post when you wrote it. This adds a whole new dimension to post organization.

Though the organization and tracking features are brilliant, you cannot customize your diary other than by adding photos. You can't change the color of your journaling area, add different font styles or colors, or even add embedded links.

The lack of linking tools seems to be a particularly large oversight since linking to therapy articles, soothing music or yoga sites could be useful to a journaler that would use this type of site. The addition of media features would also be useful.

This site doesn't include a community area such as a forum, which also seems like it would be helpful for this type of journaling site, but you are able to email and print your charts, graphs and journal entries. These sharing options are a good addition since your psychiatrist or other health care professional may want to review your progress. The site openly works with mental healthcare professionals and their clients to aid in treatment.

The ability to import and export journal posts has also been overlooked, an inconvenience to someone who may already have a journal started elsewhere.

My Therapy Journal is a good online diary site for those looking for deeper enlightenment or self-discovery. It doesn't include features like a community area or customization options. If these features are important for you, then My Therapy Journal may not be the right online journal for you. However, if you are dedicating your journaling time to making specific life improvements, then My Therapy Journal is a good start.