Penzu offers many features to ensure that your private thoughts are protected from prying eyes. It also offers several ways to customize your online diary so it reflects your personality. This online diary is a cinch to learn, even if you only have minimum computer skills.

The layout is simple and clean. The pages have simple tab navigation that lets you click through options, like you are thumbing through file folders. Each journal entry appears as if you are writing in a journal, except you're typing, but the process is designed to feel organic and less technical. In fact, it feels more like an actual journal and less like a blog, which is designed to spur the creative process for people who aren't used to using the web for their private thoughts.

Penzu includes military-grade security. Not only can you lock your entries so others can't read them, you can also encrypt entries. Penzu uses 256-bit AES encryption, the same encryption algorithm used by the U.S. government. The downside, however, is if you lose your password, you're out of luck, because there's no way to retrieve it or unlock encrypted posts, and your posts are out of your reach forever. If, however, you want your journal posts to be public, you can change the account setting so the whole world can see your thoughts and musings.

Penzu uses a tag organization system. When you write an entry, simply add keywords that relate to the entry in the tag box. Next time you want to find the entry, add the keyword into the search box and a list of posts containing that subject will pop up.

A diary is an extension of you, so it should be customizable. Penzu allows users to change the background to various themes. You can also change the way the pages look.

If you will be sharing your online diary posts, you'll want them to look their best. Penzu includes a spell checker and font options. You can also upload personal photos or clipart to your posts using your computer or Flickr account. Photos can be enlarged, and you can caption each photo.

Penzu can export entries in PDF, TXT, RSS, or XML files so you can use different application to open the files.

Penzu is a complete package when it comes to online diaries. You get security, customization and editing tools all wrapped in one easy-to-use package. It's also flexible enough for all types of people and personalities.