Buying jewelry online offers a level of convenience unmatched by traditional jewelers. We chose online jewelry stores that offer a greater and more diverse selection than local retailers, allowing you to browse the best diamond rings, gemstones, necklaces and earrings from the comfort of your own home.

Besides selection, retailers also had to offer a generous grace period for returns, which gives you time to decide whether the jewelry you've purchased is perfect. It was also important that we choose jewelry stores that only offer certified and conflict-free diamonds.

Before you buy your next piece of jewelry, learn how to choose the best diamond and read about other online jewelers in our articles on online jewelry stores.

Best Jewelry Store for Returns

When you buy jewelry online, it can be stressful. What if it doesn't fit? What if your partner doesn't like it? What if the mail carrier leaves it on your front porch for anyone to snatch? There's a solution for each of those worries when you buy from Zales. The retail store that is so commonly found in malls across America offers one of the best return policies for its jewelry.

Zales gives you 60 days to return a piece that doesn't fit your finger, wrist or taste. The only exception to this rule is if there is any damage to the jewelry, or if the piece has been altered in any way, which includes engraved items and special orders. Also, your package is protected if the jewelry you've purchased is worth $100 or more – a signature is required to receive it.


Since its inception, Zales has become one of the largest and best-known jewelry retailers in the U.S. In addition to hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores, the jeweler has also created a strong presence online, capturing considerable market share selling fine jewelry on the web. It has a massive online inventory, an unrivaled return policy, and useful services and site features.

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The Famous Jewelry Store with the Little Blue Box

One of the most famous jewelry stores is known for wrapping its items in the little blue box. Tiffany & Co. has been in business for more than 150 years, and Audrey Hepburn immortalized the jeweler when she dressed up and munched on a croissant in front of its display window in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. Buy a necklace, ring, watch or bracelet from this famous store and wait for an audible gasp when your partner sees the immediately recognizable gift wrapping.

Tiffany & Co. reached its infamous status for more than its signature blue box, though. Its high-quality jewelry raised the bar for many other jewelers, and its commitment to sustainability and conflict-free materials make it a responsible choice for anyone.

Tiffany & Co.

The small blue jewelry box with the white ribbon has become synonymous with one of America's most well-known luxury jewelers: Tiffany & Co. Known as an authority of style and taste, Tiffany offers pieces that are distinctive and high quality. Because the brand is so illustrious and niche, its offerings are narrower – and typically more expensive – than other online jewelry stores.

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The Best Online Jeweler for Designing Your Own Ring

Blue Nile is one of the few famous jewelers that did not begin its reign as a premium jewelry brick-and-mortar store. It's one of the biggest online retailers and is known for its design-your-own-engagement-ring feature. First, you choose your diamond based on cut, clarity, color and carat. You can see the price next to the stone, which makes it easy to shop based on price too. After that, you choose a setting based on design and then your metal preference afterward.

This online jeweler offers premade design collections, also, so you can pick a halo, solitaire or vintage design. Blue Nile is also known for its educational section that teaches you all about diamonds, metals and ring sizes, so you can get everything just right.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store that has carved a niche as both an educator and retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. It emphasizes the concept that choosing a diamond shouldn't be complicated. Therefore, in addition to its impressive array of loose diamonds and engagement rings, Blue Nile has comprehensive educational resources that provide valuable instruction and guidance on how to purchase fine jewelry.

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Best Online Jewelry Store for Personalization

Buying jewelry for a loved one is a personal gift that carries a certain amount of gravitas, and engraving it makes it even more special for some. Links of London is one online jeweler that offers a way for you to make a piece of jewelry unique. From pendants and bracelets to cuff links and rings, you can add dates, names or whatever else you want to make it special. These would make excellent groomsmen or bridesmaid gifts. As is the case with most special orders, you cannot return an engraved item for a refund unless there's a defect – so be sure you spell your partner's name right and double-check your anniversary date.

Links of London USA

With an eclectic mix of 18-carat gold jewelry and sterling silver pieces, Links of London USA is known for its simple yet sleek jewelry designs. This online jewelry store is clearly not for the masses; its scant inventory and services are geared toward the distinctive and singular. But if you're looking for a unique, modern piece that can be personalized, Links of London may be the perfect source.

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Online Jewelry Stores That Offer Financing

One of the best-known jewelry stores that also sells its gems and jewels online is Kay Jewelers. You could try to get a good parking spot at the mall and then fight the crowds to get to a counter to buy a piece of a jewelry, or you can stay home and shop peacefully. Shopping an online jeweler also gives you access to the jewelers' entire collection, so it's a bigger selection. If you're making a big purchase, like an engagement ring or a pricy watch, you might prefer to get it on credit.

Kay Jewelers offers its own financing, so you can apply for credit and put your jewelry purchase on that card instead of one you use for emergencies. It's a convenience not all jewelry stores offer.

Kay Jewelers

Like most prominent online jewelry stores, Kay supplies a vast assortment of fine pieces for both men and women. Kay has a feature-rich website and comprehensive customer service options to make shopping for quality fashion jewelry online convenient and enjoyable.

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Best Online Jeweler for Biggest Selection

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is known for its huge selection of rings – you can find thousands of different designs online. It also carries more than 1,000 bracelets, nearly 3,500 necklaces, and tons of earrings, charms, and watches. Although Jared sells a variety of fine jewelry in platinum, gold and with diamonds and other gemstones, it also offers fashion jewelry at affordable prices. You can design your own ring or choose from one of several collections. Jared offers classic diamond rings in styles such as solitaire, three-stone and halo. You can also choose colored diamonds. Every diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can get a replacement if a stone chips, breaks or is lost. You also get free lifetime cleanings and inspections at Jared locations, even if you buy online.


Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is one of the most recognized jewelry brands in the country. In addition to dozens of national locations, you can buy jewelry online through the Jared website. The online jewelry store offers diverse product selection and excellent customer-service options.

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Benefits of Shopping Online

Jewelry shopping is fun to do at brick-and-mortar stores because you get to try on all of the sparkly jewels. Online jewelry stores offer more than a short-lived experience, though. You get a large selection of jewelry to choose from, you can dream up and design your own ring, and you get better prices.

If your jewelry isn't perfect, you generally have enough time from any of these online jewelers to return it for a refund or an exchange. If an online jewelry store doesn't offer insurance on your purchase, be sure to get it – just in case. The best jewelry stores, though, are the ones that have the perfect piece for you or your loved one.