Yadav is an online jeweler that specializes primarily in loose diamonds and diamond rings. Given its narrow focus, this online jewelry store doesn't have a very broad selection, but it exceeds expectations when it comes to diamonds.

This online jewelry store has one of the largest diamond selections on the web. It claims to have an inventory of more than 50,000 loose diamonds ranging in cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Yadav does not carry any treated or enhanced diamonds. Additionally, a leading independent gemological lab certifies each diamond, and many stones are laser-inscribed for added security value. Laser-inscribed means the diamond is inscribed with numbers, letters or trademarks that are invisible to the naked eye for identification purposes. Yadav offers a comparison of its diamonds. Each diamond has a landing page that includes an image of it, so you can see exactly what you're buying.

With its specialty in diamonds, it comes as no surprise that Yadav doesn't offer jewelry with other gemstones, nor does it sell sterling silver jewelry. However, aside from loose diamonds, you'll find a wide array of engagement ring settings, wedding bands, and diamond earrings and pendants. You can create your own earrings, ring or pendant on this online jeweler's website, and choose exactly the diamond you want. Additionally, if you want a bigger or better diamond in the future, Yadav lets you upgrade for free – all you pay for is the difference in cost between diamonds.

In addition to its diamond selection, standout features of this jewelry website include free shipping on all orders and a flexible return period. You have 30 days from the purchase date to return a piece of jewelry, and you don't have to pay to return the item. All of its diamonds include lifetime warranties that ensure your jewelry is free of defects. You won't find product reviews from actual customers on this popular diamond jewelry website. Additionally, it doesn't offer gift cards, nor can you exchange old gold pieces for money. 

While it doesn't offer as vast a product selection as other online jewelry websites, Yadav excels when it comes to diamond jewelry. It offers free shipping on all purchases and guarantees its diamonds.