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TerraFly Review

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TerraFly is a good map site for researching a new place to live. Not only does it provide basic geographical information through satellite and aerial online maps, but you can also click on an area of interest to see more statistics based on the latest census, including demographics, quality-of-life indexes, real estate prices and much more. This online map service has a comprehensive index of information on locations throughout the U.S.

TerraFly’s design layout is similar to other map sites, with the map on the right, data listings on the left, and various options above and below. The map is clickable and draggable; however, since it doesn’t have a street view, it is difficult to navigate to a specific place without searching for it by address or zip code.

The site can display statistics on areas as small as a city block or as large as an entire state. If you want information about an entire state, simply type the state into the search bar. If you type in an exact address, the information compiled is for the entire zip code containing the address. TerraFly is missing some of the standard features other mapping sites have like driving directions, but it provides information we didn’t find anywhere else about every zip code in the U.S. Across the top of the main map, there are options you can use to display hotels, restaurants, churches, schools, demographics and more.

The life-quality index is one of the most fascinating features on this site. It includes crime statistics, income averages, cost of living, school statistics, health statistics and racial demographics. Not only is this feature great for learning about a prospective new home, but also for learning about your current neighborhood.

TerraFly maps can be saved and printed at home, or you can buy professional-quality prints from the website. A free TerraFly membership adds more functionality to the site and provides access to more statistical information.

This site is very easy to use. You simply type in or click on your place of interest and the page refreshes with information about the area. You can scroll down below the map to read the information or customize your map view with the many options offered across the top of the map. TerraFly includes a section of FAQs, a user’s manual, and video tutorials to help you with the technical terms and to show you where to find specific pieces of information.

This is the only online map website that includes detailed demographic information along with its maps. Its versatile search feature allows you to view summaries for an entire state, a city or a specific zip code. Because this information is based on census data, it is only updated every 10 years. Resources like the life-quality reports provide a depth of information this is useful for people thinking of relocating to a new area. The site answers virtually every question you could have about an unknown place and shows you what it looks like.