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AskNow Review

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PROS / AskNow provides a wide range of psychic readings with a convenient pay-as-you-go option.

CONS / The service has 10 search filters, which isn't as many as some competitors have.

 VERDICT / More versatile, accommodating and wide-ranging than comparable services, AskNow is our pick for the best online psychic service.

AskNow has long been in the business of providing psychic guidance. With more than 250 psychic readers in its network, the service provides wide-ranging psychic counsel within all areas of divination. While most psychic services online require you to prepay for minutes, AskNow opts for a convenient pay-as-you-go model. This means you only pay for the minutes you use, ensuring you'll never be stuck with unused ones. For its broad scope of capabilities, flexible contact methods, educational site features and detailed psychic profiles, AskNow earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Psychic Services

AskNow provides the full range of divination practices and methods we looked for in the psychic services we reviewed. In addition to common divination practices such as astrology, numerology and tarot readings, the service has psychics with expertise in other specific areas. For instance, some of AskNow's psychics specialize in dream interpretation, spiritual guidance and pet communication.

This online psychic service also provides psychic readings based on categories, including careers, finances, and love and relationships. These types of readings are ideal if you are seeking guidance regarding a specific life issue or situation.

If you are looking for a psychic reader who specializes in a niche divination practice, you can search for one using specific keywords. The AskNow website has a static search bar that appears on every page. Simply type in the psychic capability or category you are looking for, and a list of psychics relevant to your keywords will populate the search results.

Advisors & Psychics

To obtain the best psychic readings possible, it is important to find a psychic that you are comfortable with and who is experienced in the type of divination you are seeking. AskNow makes it easy to do just that, with more than 250 online psychics to choose from and accompanying profiles that are comprehensive and in-depth. Each profile contains a short bio and lists the psychic's areas of expertise, along with an overall rating. This rating is out of five stars and is aggregated from individual ratings and feedback provided by past clients, which is also included in the profiles. The ratings and listed feedback can prove useful in helping you select a psychic.

Furthermore, each profile includes unique information you won't find with other online psychic services. This includes the psychics' years of experience, proficient languages and credentials. The latter refers to any relevant qualifications the psychic may possess, such as degrees or certifications.

We also like that the service's psychics list their schedules, as well as their local time, so you know exactly when they will be available for readings. Additionally, you can request to schedule an appointment with any of your preferred psychics. The service confirms your appointment once the advisor accepts your appointment request.

Beyond its psychic profiles, AskNow provides 10 search filters to aid in your search for the perfect psychic reader. This number isn't as many as some of the other services we reviewed, but it's enough to effectively narrow down your search to a handful of relevant, qualified advisors. When you find an advisor with whom you'd potentially like to connect, you can save the profile to reference later. Your favorite readers are located under My Psychics in your AskNow account.

Website Features

Aside from types of readings offered, the mark of an excellent online psychic service is supplementary site features. Such features can enrich your experience with the service and serve as resources to broaden your knowledge of the psychic world. AskNow offers all of the features we looked for, including informative articles, personalized horoscopes and a newsletter with special offers and discounts. You can browse the articles by category or subject matter. The site also has a section with tips on how to prepare for and get the most out of a psychic reading.

Another important feature this service provides is a reading history. The service keeps track of all of your consultations, which you can access in your AskNow account. This option makes it easy to access any advisors you have previously used and see the dates of all your past readings.

Contact Methods

The best online psychic services provide ample ways to obtain a reading, and AskNow is no exception. You can get a psychic reading with this service with whatever method you are most comfortable, whether you prefer the telephone, email or live chat. Psychic readers are available 24 hours a day, so you can connect with someone at a time that is most convenient for you. We especially like the chat option because it provides live readings without requiring you to speak directly to an advisor. If you're interested in this option, the site has an entire section explaining how its psychic chat works and how to properly use it.


AskNow is our pick for the best online psychic service because it offers a number of different types of psychic readings, and it has constructive site features and convenient ways to obtain a reading. This service also excels when it comes to the psychics it provides, offering hundreds of advisors to choose from, along with comprehensive profiles to simplify and enhance the selection process. Whether you have a specific question you need to answer to or you want guidance about a particular situation in your life, AskNow is a good go-to resource for all things psychic.