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Astrocenter Review

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PROS / Astrocenter offers plenty of useful site features, including psychic glossaries, divination articles and free horoscopes.

CONS / You cannot obtain a reading via live chat.

 VERDICT / Astrocenter's offerings aren't as extensive as some competitors' are, but its expertise in popular divination practices makes the service appealing to a wide range of potential customers.

From astrological horoscopes to tarot readings, Astrocenter provides a range of popular psychic services. While its repertoire of psychic readings may not be as extensive as other online psychic services we reviewed, Astrocenter excels at those it does offer. Additionally, the service provides comprehensive psychic profiles and educational website features that can help you learn more about different types of divination.

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Among Astrocenter's most popular service is live telephone readings, available through its sister site, Psychiccenter.com. The service has advisors that can perform astrology, numerology and tarot readings. There are also psychics who specialize in dream interpretation, spiritual guidance and spirit guide readings. When searching for psychics, we could not find any that offer past life or pet readings.

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Astrocenter provides readings via email in addition to telephone. While live readings are personalized, the service's email readings seem generic and lack specificity. The instant readings we received were universally applicable and lacked detail. However, this is hardly surprising considering they are open to interpretation and are not devised for one specific person. As such, if you are looking for guidance on a specific question or issue, we recommend using one of the service's live psychics or a personalized report instead of a general horoscope or tarot reading. Unfortunately, the service does not offer live chat readings. While some may argue that live chat readings can be as impersonal as email ones, they are a great option if you want to discreetly connect with a live advisor.

One of the most notable things about Astrocenter is its comprehensive psychic profiles. Each psychic has an overall approval rating, a list of areas of expertise, his or her biography and an availability schedule. There's also a recorded greeting from each psychic you can listen to before contacting him or her directly. What we liked most about the profiles is the client feedback. Here, past clients voluntarily offer assessments regarding their experiences with a particular psychic. They can also give the psychic an approval rating up to five stars, which is averaged into the psychic's overall approval rating. The site's exhaustive profiles stand out in stark contrast to some of the more sparse ones we came across while reviewing other, less-impressive services.

For individuals wary of diving into divination head first, Astrocenter.com offers a multitude of free website features to help you get your feet wet. Perhaps most notable are the astrology, tarot and psychic glossaries. These useful lexicons allow you to become familiar with the terminology associated with each of these branches of divination. They are especially useful because they can help you understand which services may be most beneficial for you. Along the same lines, the site also has a collection of informative articles, ranging in topic from relationship help to personal growth.


While we would like to see live chat readings offered, Astrocenter is a great psychic service overall that provides common types of readings and beneficial site resources that can expand your knowledge of divination. Moreover, the psychic profiles offer ample information to help you choose the best online psychic for your situation.

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