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Hollywood Psychics Review

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PROS / Hollywood Psychics has dozens of search filters to make finding the right psychic easy.

CONS / You cannot tag your favorite psychics for future use, and the service doesn't track your consultation history.

 VERDICT / Hollywood Psychics may not be a go-to resource for learning about divination, but the service provides several types of psychic readings.

Although its name would imply otherwise, Hollywood Psychics doesn't have anything to do with the famed Tinseltown. Its distinguishing name is simply one way the service conveys its fun and glitzy approach to online psychic services. Hollywood Psychics delivers a wide range of psychic services and convenient contact methods. However, the service itself seems mostly geared toward females, and its unique approach may alienate serious believers of divination.

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Hollywood Psychics offers psychic readings within the most common realms of divination. For instance, you can get astrology readings, personalized horoscopes and dream interpretations. Furthermore, you can connect with advisors who are well versed in the practice of tarot card reading and numerology.

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The most outstanding thing about Hollywood Psychics is how simple it is to find a compatible advisor. Dozens of search filters allow you to narrow down potential readers by the tools they use, the gifts they possess and the languages they speak. There is even an option to select a psychic reader's type of style, from compassionate and thoughtful to direct and expressive. We appreciate such a vast range of search filters; not only does it simplify the search process, but it also ensures that you find an advisor with whom you are comfortable and who is finely attuned to your specific needs.

This service offers a range of contact methods for readings, including over the telephone and by live chat and email. This flexibility ensures that the service is accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of how they prefer to connect with psychics. Similar to the other psychic services we reviewed, Hollywood Psychics charges by the minute, and the rate per minute depends on the psychic you use.

As mentioned above, Hollywood Psychics seems very entertainment driven and focused solely on women. From the site's graphics to its supplementary features, the service comes off a tad superficial and lacks the helpful resources you'll find with our top-ranked online psychic services, such as educational articles and tips for psychic readings. The only website features this service provides are brief, generalized horoscopes and articles about celebrities. In addition, this service does not allow you to tag your favorite psychics so that you can reference them later, nor does it track your past consultations. The latter would be useful because you could see who performed all of your readings and when they were given.


Hollywood Psychics is extremely user friendly, especially when it comes to finding online psychics. This service also provides excellent contact options that enable you to connect with your chosen advisor in myriad ways. However, we missed certain website features that could enhance the convenience of Hollywood Psychics for its customers and make it more of an educational resource on the subject of divination.

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