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KEEN Review

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PROS / KEEN's in-depth rating system evaluates advisors based on several factors, including service, quality and reliability.

CONS / Only six filters are offered to narrow down potential psychics.

 VERDICT / KEEN excels at providing useful feedback about its psychics, which will help you find the most qualified advisor for your situation.

Boasting a clean and well-organized interface, the KEEN online psychic services website more closely resembles that of a professional corporation than a psychic service. While some psychic services opt for an overly mystic and kitschy appearance, this service's more professional approach lends it an air of credibility that both divination followers and non-believers are likely to appreciate. Aesthetics aside, KEEN proves to be an excellent online psychic service that offers literally hundreds of psychics to choose from. Such versatile offerings handily earn KEEN our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Psychic Services

Befitting of one of our higher-ranked psychic services, KEEN provides all of the customary psychic capabilities we look for in this type of service. Astrology, numerology, tarot and spiritual guidance are just some of the psychic services found on the site. You can also receive psychic readings based on subject matter, such as past lives, pets, dreams or relationships.

In addition to these well-known psychic capabilities, KEEN also provides a few less-common divination practices. For instance, the service has psychics with expertise in Feng Shui and rune stone readings. This makes KEEN an ideal source if you are interested in ancient divination and rituals such as these. The service also has psychics dedicated to various subsets of astrology, an expansive and varied field of divination. These include Chinese, Mayan and Vedic astrology.

Advisors & Psychics

KEEN provides more psychic readers than most of the other services listed on our online psychic review. The service offers access to more than 800 advisors, each with varying skills and areas of expertise. Such a vast number of online psychic readers ensures that you can find an advisor with experience in the type of psychic reading you want performed. However, the process to become an advisor through KEEN is not as thorough or stringent as other comparable services we reviewed. Therefore, we suggest looking at the ratings and feedback listed in each psychic's profile; this will be your best and most effective tool to find qualified readers. In fact, the service's rating system for its advisors is far more in-depth than other services we reviewed. An advisor's ratings are based on multiple factors, including quality, service and reliability.

Despite its extensive network of psychics, we are surprised that KEEN doesn't offer many search filters to help you wade through them. You can sort advisors by price, rating or availability. The best online psychic services offer several search filters that enable you to narrow down your list of potential advisors. Considering how many psychic readers the service offers, additional search filters would prove useful. That said, KEEN does provide a static search bar you can use to search the site (and thus advisors) using specific keywords.

Despite the minor issues outlined above, KEEN provides plenty of information and features that will aid you in your search for the best psychic readers. Advisor schedules are posted, and you can schedule appointments and tag readers you like or want to use in the future.

Website Features

If you aren't quite ready to have a live reading performed, or if you want to learn more about divination, the KEEN site has an entire section devoted to educational articles. The articles range in topic from astrological illuminations to psychic discoveries and are intended to help you learn more about how to properly utilize and prepare for psychic readings. The site also has free daily horoscopes and an astrological section with tools to determine your relationship compatibility based on zodiac signs. The only thing noticeably absent from its collection of website features is any type of personality or compatibility report.

Contact Methods

When it comes to contact options, KEEN isn't as versatile as some other psychic services. The site offers the customary live readings by telephone, or you can instantly connect with a psychic via live chat on the service's website. We would like to see email readings offered as well, even though this method may not provide the most authentic psychic experience.


With its polished website and wide scope of services, KEEN has positioned itself as a forerunner among the best online psychic services. The addition of more search filters and email readings would make this multifaceted service even better.