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Psychic Source Review

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PROS / Psychic Source offers dozens of search filters to help you find the perfect psychic, and its vast range of psychic capabilities includes astrology, cartomancy and angel readings.

CONS / You cannot sign up for personalized horoscopes through the service.

 VERDICT / Psychic Source trumps much of the competition in terms of available services, making it ideal for all types of divination followers.

Psychic Source is a literal embodiment of its name: a go-to resource of experienced and skilled psychic readers who can give you insightful advice and counsel. This network of diverse, vetted psychics enables the service to provide a vast array of both common and rare divination practices. This impressive range of psychic services, along with in-depth search filters to help you find the perfect psychic, earns Psychic Source our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Psychic Services

Psychic Source provides all the common divination practices and methods we looked for, as well as some obscure types of psychic readings. The service has advisors who specialize in astrology, numerology, dream interpretation and tarot readings. Some of its more unique offerings include cartomancy, angel and angel card readings. Cartomancy is the practice of using a deck of cards to perform psychic readings, which the service says can be an effective and insightful tool for readings regarding love and relationships. Angel readings are a type of reading in which mediums connect you with your spirit guide – a discarnate entity believed to protect and guide you.

Similar to cartomancy and tarot readings, angel card readings use cards to connect with spirit guides and provide other insights. However, the angel cards are unique to the psychic who renders the reading, and thus they vary from psychic to psychic.

This online psychic service also provides psychics who perform readings to communicate with pets, discover past lives and find lost objects.

Advisors & Psychics

While some psychic services seem to hire anyone who claims to have psychic capabilities, Psychic Source is the exact opposite. The service thoroughly screens all psychic applicants, accepting approximately only five percent for employment. Such thorough vetting of psychics gives you peace of mind when you browse for an advisor.

Equally noteworthy is this service's comprehensive, in-depth psychic profiles. The more information provided about a potential psychic advisor, the better, because you can learn a little about particular psychics before actually paying for their services. The profiles are extensive, replete with biographies, psychic specialties and client testimonials. Each psychic also has a weekly schedule listed so that you know exactly when they are available, and a recorded message that allows you to listen to their voice without placing a direct call. When you find a psychic you like, you can tag them and access their information later in the Favorite Advisors section of your Psychic Source account.

Perhaps most impressive in regards to Psychic Source's advisors is how easy the service makes it to find just the right one. The psychic service has dozens of filters you can use to narrow your search. You can search for psychics based on areas of expertise, subject matter, tools or the contact method in which readings are rendered. If you aren't looking for a specific type of psychic or reading, you can browse the service's advisors by ratings, price or current availability. Many of Psychic Source's search filters aren't unique to the service, but its range of filters is unparalleled and the service earns high marks for making it so easy and convenient to find the best online psychics in its network.

Website Features

Given its wide range of psychic services, Psychic Source is surprisingly lean on auxiliary website features. There is a blog that is regularly updated and a newsletter for subscribers, though new issues are only sent out once every four months (one for every season). The service doesn't offer personalized horoscopes (though you can connect with psychics trained in astrology) or any type of personality or love reports. However, the service offers a rich library of articles that can help you learn more about divination practices.

Contact Methods

Psychic Source provides all of the contact options we looked for in a psychic service. Live readings can be performed over the telephone or by live chat on its website. We liked the chat option because it's a more passive method of communication that may be more comfortable if you are new to or timid of divination. As all the best psychic services do, Psychic Source has psychics available to perform readings anytime, day or night.


Psychic Source is a well-rounded psychic service with a multifaceted set of services that is sure to appeal to both dedicated and casual followers of divination. The site provides all the psychic services we were looking for and more, and its network of psychics and the information it provides regarding each one is comprehensive and beneficial. The one thing that could make Psychic Source even better would be the inclusion of a few additional website features, such personalized horoscopes and a more frequent newsletter. However, such offerings are supplementary and the service's lack of them is hardly disadvantageous. Whether you're seeking clarity and guidance regarding a life-altering decision or you simply want a tarot reading for amusement, Psychic Source is a top-notch online psychic service that won't disappoint.

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