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Universal Psychic Guild Review

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PROS / You can get readings via live video chat.

CONS / The service has fewer psychics to choose from than other services we reviewed.

 VERDICT / Outpacing the competition in terms of contact options, Universal Psychic Guild is ideal if you want flexibility in how your psychic readings are delivered.

Universal Psychic Guild stands out in our lineup of the best online psychic services for its diverse contact options. It offers more methods to obtain a reading than any other service we reviewed. While this psychic service does lack a few significant functions, its diverse contact methods alone make Universal Psychic Guild worth looking into.

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Universal Psychic Guild doesn't have as many psychics as other services we reviewed, but this doesn't limit its selection of psychic readings. With this service, you'll find a variety of divination services, including readings in astrology, numerology, spirit guides and tarot. Dream interpretations via email, past-life karma reports and personalized horoscopes by psychics who specialize in astrology readings are also available. Given this wide range of offerings, Universal Psychic Guild is ideal if you are interested in exploring multiple types of psychic capabilities or divination.

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Universal Psychic Guild's most impressive attribute is unquestionably its range of contact options. Embracing technological advancements that have revolutionized how we communicate, the service offers multiple contact methods beyond the routine telephone reading, such as email, text message and live video chat. We especially like this latter option because it allows you to connect visually with top-rated online psychics from around the world.

This online psychic service also has excellent website features that are as educational as they are entertaining. There are dream and psychic dictionaries to help you become familiar with psychic jargon and several articles addressing various schools of thought and topics related to divination. Some of the site's more entertaining offerings that are geared towards casual users include free horoscopes, playing card readings and celebrity horoscopes. There is even a storefront where you can purchase books, reading tools and other products relevant to divination.

While we like most of what Universal Psychic Guild has to offer, the site has a few significant drawbacks. To begin with, there isn't an option to schedule appointments with your favorite psychics. This limits the service's convenience and your ability to get a reading from a preferred advisor. Another issue is that the site itself is cluttered and cumbersome to navigate. We had a difficult time finding psychics, and while there are a handful search filters you can use to narrow your search, they are difficult to locate on the site.


Of all the online psychic services we reviewed, Universal Psychic Guild offers the most useful contact methods. We are also impressed with the service's assortment of both enlightening and entertaining website features that allow you to become familiar with divination before you purchase any of the site's various psychic services. However, the inability to schedule appointments and a cumbersome website that makes it difficult to find the right advisor keep this company from ranking higher in our psychic services review.

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