Trumpets are among the world’s most popular instruments, and taking time to find the right one ensures you like the one you get. With that in mind, one of the most convenient ways to shop for a trumpet is online. Be sure to take a look at our articles related to trumpets.

All of the trumpet stores on our lineup offer a wide selection of trumpets in a variety of keys and for all skill levels. The companies on our lineup are a combination of both primary and secondary vendors. Primary vendors are manufacturers of the trumpet, such as Yamaha and Blessing. These vendors only sell their own brand. Many primary vendors don’t sell the product directly on the website but will point you to a local authorized dealer. Secondary vendors sell trumpets from a variety of manufacturers and offer numerous brand options. These stores often sell a variety of instruments, not just trumpets or brass instruments.

From the host of options online, we found the standout companies for both beginner and professional trumpet players as well as the best places to save some money when buying a trumpet. Here are some of the highlights:

Best Trumpet Store for Beginners

If you are a beginning trumpet player or purchasing for a family member just learning to play, you don’t want to spend a large sum of money on a trumpet if you decide that you don’t want to continue. Musician’s Friend is a trumpet store that offers a variety of products for beginners and students. This company offers new and used items from a selection of brands and in a wide price range. Additionally, there are numerous accessories available so you can get everything you need for maintenance, cleaning and lessons at once. The site is streamlined and offers numerous search options, including the ability to refine your search by trumpet key, brand, price and condition.

Musician’s Friend provides helpful resources to help you choose the right instrument. It also offers numerous contact options if you wish to speak with customer service, including telephone, email and live chat support.

Musician's Friend

Musician’s Friend is a trumpet store that provides an extensive selection no matter your skill level. This company provides easy navigation and streamlined search options on its website. It also provides a large selection of brands and trumpet keys. Furthermore, this online music store provides special offers to help keep money in your bank account.

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Best Trumpet Store for Professionals

If you are a professional trumpet player, or a very advanced amateur trumpeter, and in the market for a new instrument, you probably want the best. Pro Winds is a trumpet store that offers new trumpets. This company offers a large selection of brands and trumpet keys. And when you're searching for the perfect instrument, you can narrow down your search by looking at professional trumpets and avoid sorting through more basic options. In addition, you may find that some of the products include a manufacturer rebate or special promotion that can help keep the cost of your instrument low. If you can’t afford one of the best trumpets available, finance options are available from this company.

Pro Winds

Pro Winds is an online store where you can buy trumpets. This company specializes in both woodwind and brass instruments, along with accessories for most of these instruments. The website sells products for all skill levels, from beginners to professional trumpeters. This company also has many popular and well-known instrument brands you can browse through.

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Best Trumpet Store for Budget Shoppers

If you are looking to save some money, a used trumpet is an excellent route to take. eBay boasts a large inventory of used trumpets for beginners, intermediate and professional trumpeters. With this auction site, you can search through a variety of keys, brands and price ranges. A brand new trumpet can cost several thousand dollars, but on eBay you can find used options for only a few hundred dollars. You may not find formal sales on eBay like you would from other music stores, but you may not need it with the low prices.

Since eBay's trumpet selection is stocked by hundreds of individual sellers, availability can fluctuate considerably. So if you can’t find your desired trumpet today, it may be available in a few days. That means this isn't the most reliable store if you need a trumpet quickly. Also, sellers can price shipping however they like, so be sure to note those costs before you buy an instrument.


eBay is a top website for a quality shopping experience, and it's an excellent place to buy a trumpet. This online store provides a particularly large selection of used trumpets. It also offers numerous search options, making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable. However, since you are buying a trumpet from different sellers, the shipping and payment options for each product can vary.

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Payment Options

Purchasing a quality musical instrument isn't usually cheap. Even if you are purchasing a beginner trumpet for your child, your purchase can be several hundred dollars.

Many online stores accept credit cards and PayPal when it's time to pay. Some of the best companies offer financing options as well, occasionally with monthly payments as low as $20. However, be aware that not all stores offer this payment option and your monthly payment can depend on various factors such as the original cost of the instrument and the amount of money you put down when you first buy the trumpet.


One of the benefits of shopping online is having your purchased item delivered right to your door. Many online music stores offer free shipping options to the 48 contiguous states. Other stores charge a flat fee or free pickup if a physical store is nearby. Very few trumpet stores offer international shipping options, and if they do, most charge high shipping costs. In addition, be aware that if you purchase used products from companies such as eBay or Amazon, individual sellers may have their own shipping fees you have to pay.

The days of musicians being limited to the small selections of trumpets offered at their local music shop is over thanks to a number of great websites featuring huge selections of top brands, competitive pricing and lots of extras.