Club Wyndham has a network of more than 200 resorts throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Australia, so you're more than likely to find one that suits you and your family. This time-share is also associated with Shell Vacation Clubs and one of the newest time-share companies, Margaritaville Vacation Club. Your membership makes you eligible for different discounts and perks, including such things as recreational activities and various types of entertainment, which can enhance your vacation and also be a real benefit for your budget.

If you invest in the best vacation clubs, you can expect to see the pricing information upfront, but when we contacted them, Club Wyndham's support staff did not release details on the cost of points or the price of a unit in any of its resorts. The company also did not disclose information on fees or whether the real estate purchase you make expires after a certain number of years. Club Wyndham's network of resorts may be plenty for you to explore, but if you want more, you can trade your week or points for an international experience through the exchange group RCI.

Some of the best time-share resorts provide its members benefits that make vacation ownership even more valuable. This vacation club includes a program called Perks by Club Wyndham, which gives you access to discounts on airfare, car rentals, rounds of golf, hotel rooms, movies, cruises and restaurants. These discounts are subject to change.

It was nearly impossible to get information from Club Wyndham associates. The best time-share company on our lineup gave us pricing information, fees and even sent a blank contract so we could sift through the legal language, but we got nothing from Club Wyndham. If you want to find out the cost of a time-share vacation home within Club Wyndham, you have to attend a long presentation at one of the company's properties.

If you're looking for a vacation travel club that will allow you to roam a couple of continents without having to use an exchange group, Club Wyndham may be a good choice. Also, members get an automatic membership to RCI, an exchange group that opens international doors you wouldn't have access to otherwise. You won't get much information about the initial or ongoing costs without attending a presentation, though.

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