Hilton Grand Vacations Club does a great job of giving you a wide range of time-share choices in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, which is one sign of a top-notch vacation club. In addition, this vacation travel club offers you a membership to RCI, a time-share exchange group where you can trade your week at your home resort for a week in another participating resort so you can experience an even greater number of vacation spots both in the U.S. and other countries as well.

In all, with this vacation club you get access to stay at more than 4,500 different resorts located in such varied spots that you can opt for skiing towns, golf resorts, fishing areas, beaches and more. However, in order to book at other resorts, you pay some steep fees – whether you’re going through the Hilton network or RCI.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club uses a point system in conjunction with the week system, so you can either use your points to purchase a unit at a resort during an off-peak season for fewer points or spend more points for a unit during high-peak season. You also have the option of simply trading your vacation week and unit through RCI and booking an equivalent – or even better – unit at another resort in an exotic locale you’ve yet to visit so you and your family can enjoy a completely different experience.

Although you won’t be eligible for any discounts as a member of Hilton Grand Vacations Club, you do receive silver membership status in Hilton’s Honors, which means you can earn a different set of points that you can use at Hilton hotels and resorts. However, once you have reached your vacation destination, you can always ask the concierge during your stay about local discounts, and they might have coupons for restaurants, show tickets or other activities and rentals. Of course, these kinds of options vary by location.

When you seek information for a vacation club, there’s a good chance you will get an eager salesperson who wants to sell to you immediately. We experienced a lot of pressure to purchase a membership, but even more unprofessional than that, we were subjected to several minutes of negative comments about competing vacation clubs. When we scoured reviews from members of the vacation club, we found hundreds of complaints, but the majority of them had been resolved or at least there was an attempt at resolution by the company.

Hilton has a highly recognizable name in the hotel and resort industry, so you are likely to find a vacation club resort in a location in the network that you want to visit. Even if you don’t, you have the option of trading through an exchange group. Hilton Grand Vacation Club is an excellent pick if you want to stick to a trusted hotelier as your time-share of choice.

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