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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Review

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PROS / You can roll points into a savings account where they will never expire.

CONS / Holiday Inn charges more fees than any other vacation club on our lineup does.

 VERDICT / A membership with Holiday Inn Club Vacations will get you a timeshare that can stay in your family for generations to come, and you get a variety of options of vacation hot spots to explore, but there are many extra costs beyond member dues and maintenance fees.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations makes it easy to own a vacation home, of sorts. The travel club maintains several resorts in desirable locations, so you can choose the right spot for you and your family. The best vacation clubs also offer their members a pass to an exchange group, like RCI, where you can trade in your week or points to stay at any one of thousands of other vacation villas around the world. Holiday Inn gives you a variety of ways to use your points to your advantage. For example, you can roll your points over for a few years into a savings account for a small fee, and then use those at another time, if you would like. Those are just a few reasons why Holiday Inn Club Vacations snagged the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Membership Details

As a member of Holiday Inn Club Vacations, you are also entitled to book a vacation through the exchange group RCI, which gives you access to more than 4,500 other resorts throughout the United States and the world. As with all of the best timeshare resorts, Holiday Inn sets up its timeshare resorts as a real estate purchase and a points program, so you can stay at your home resort in the traditional timeshare way, or you can spend your points as you see fit to stay at other resorts within the network or elsewhere. There is a small fee if you book outside of your home resort, though.

If you choose to roll your points over because you won’t have time to take a vacation one year, there is no penalty for 12 months. However, if you want to save your points for a longer period, you can pay a $69 fee to roll your points (up to 100,000) into a savings account, where they won’t expire. Of course, your vacation club membership is yours to do with what you will, so if you want to rent your week out to someone else or auction it off for charity, you’re welcome to do so with Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

Types of Destinations

If you don’t include the RCI locations, Holiday Inn Club Vacations already hits most of the destinations you might be interested in for vacations. There are four resorts in Florida, and one each in Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin. When you factor in RCI, you get ski spots, international locations and cruise options.


You can use your points as you see fit with Holiday Inn Club Vacations, so if you want to use your points for hotel stays, travel or recreation, that’s your choice, but it also is dependent upon which companies Holiday Inn is affiliated with, and those places are subject to change often.

Member Support

The staff at Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers almost complete transparency, though we weren’t able to get a hold of a blank contract to find out the legal details of a membership. The company tries its best to fix issues that consumers have had with the chain, but not every complaint has been resolved. If you seek information about Holiday Inn Club Vacations by phone or email, you are unlikely to experience any pressure to buy right away.


Although Holiday Inn Club Vacations isn’t the best timeshare company out there, it does come close. The club offers numerous perks, such as point rollover options, RCI membership and ways to tap into discounted travel and hotel stays. You will have to pay more in fees if you choose Holiday Inn Club Vacations for your timeshare needs, though.