Perennial Vacation Club operates much like a traditional timeshare company in that you can purchase a week of time at a unit and have a guaranteed place to stay each year you vacation at the same resort. However, Perennial allows you to trade within its network of four resorts so you can see places such as Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Bandera, Texas; and Daytona, Florida. The travel club also includes an in-house exchange program that includes more than 5,000 resorts in 80 countries, so you have a wealth of vacation destinations available for fun and relaxation.

The best vacation clubs give you the opportunity to own your piece of the property forever, and it’s no exception with Perennial Vacation Club. You can own your time-share and will it to family or friends, if you would like. You can also sell your portion back to the travel club or to another family, and you have the option to rent the week you usually vacation to someone else if you cannot use it.

The time-share resorts are usually full, but if you happen to catch the resort with a free unit, you can purchase it as low as the cost of annual dues. In fact, those dues, which include maintenance fees, go toward the hired staff and the upkeep of the resort. If dues increase, it will be for repairs, inflation or other necessary reasons. The club is not-for-profit, so it remains relatively inexpensive to own within the Perennial Vacation Club.

If you decide to exchange within the network of resorts, you can do so easily and at no extra charge. There is a fee if you trade through the in-house exchange group, which tops out at $150. If you would rather trade through a vacation travel club exchange company like RCI or Interval International, you need to pay the membership cost and exchange fee yourself.

You don’t get many discounts as a part of this vacation club, but you may be eligible for certain kinds of perks, such as free parking passes. Although Perennial Vacation Club can’t quite compare to the best time-share resorts, it does offer friendly customer service with very little push to buy, which may be because the units are mostly sold, anyway.

Perennial Vacation Club may be the best time-share company for your needs – especially if you simply need a unit for one week out of the year in one of the four home resorts the company offers – because it is very affordable. However, depending on what you want from a vacation club, you might appreciate the benefits that the bigger resort companies offer, such as vacation planning and discounts.

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