The Shell Vacations Club offers 24 resorts of its own, which are mostly located in California and Hawaii, but you also have options in places like Arizona, Canada, Mexico, Nevada and Texas. In addition, you have thousands of other choices with a membership to Interval International, an exchange group that has resorts located worldwide, giving you access to 3,000 resorts. Along with this, you get a flexible membership point system that lets you use points, bank them for another year, borrow some for this year or share points with another club member.

When we called to determine such things as the cost of membership, club dues and other financial details, we got courteous and pleasant individuals who said they did not have that kind of information. They offered referral phone numbers, but we never got hold of anyone who could answer our questions. We ended up gleaning what information we could from rather limited data we found on the Shell Vacations Club website. The website discusses the beauty and amenities associated with different vacation spots, the different perks that come with a Shell membership, how you can use points – all valuable information, but nothing financial. As a result, it’s hard to compare what this club can offer you versus other vacation clubs when you take into account your personal budget and vacation needs.

The best timeshare resorts allow your investment to be a permanent one, so you have a stake in a portion of the property you purchase at your chosen resort. The Shell Vacations Club does give you ownership rights, and it combines the week you purchase with the points system so you aren’t tied only to your home resort. Also, you can finance the purchase through Shell Vacations Club. Shell Vacations Club did not reveal to us the fees associated with banking, borrowing, exchanging or canceling, though.

As a member of the Shell Vacations Club, a key benefit is your membership in the exchange group Interval International (II), so you benefit from the perks that this organization offers. For example, you are automatically enrolled into a car rental club, which gets you expedited car rentals for your vacation. You also get personal attention from a VIP concierge, who will help secure dinner reservations, tickets to various events and even directions to a particular location. In addition, as a member of the Shell Vacations Club and II, you also get discounts on participating hotels, restaurants and retailers.

Members of this club benefit from a plethora of perks because of its affiliation with Interval International, an exchange group for time-share owners. There are dozens of resorts for you to explore within the Shell network and thousands more through the exchange group. However, the company does not disclose prices, fees or other information easily, unless you attend a presentation.

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