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Pros / A leader in vision insurance offering an affordable mix of employer vision benefits that also includes a wealth of vision wellness resources.

Cons / They only offer vision insurance for employers.

 Verdict / A solid company with a long-standing reputation that definitely deserves the chance to do business with anyone looking for vision insurance benefits.

This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Researching vision care insurance can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. When searching online for insurance, it is imperative that companies provide adequate and useful information online so individuals can compare and contrast different companies. EyeMed is one of those companies that do just that. They not only provide helpful information, they go the extra mile and include educational materials for eye wellness and prevention from future eye health issues. Quality, low-cost insurance is their mission and that is another reason we rated them as one of the top three for online vision insurance companies and winner of our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Plan Value

Providing vision insurance for employees is usually considered an extraordinary “perk”. Since the cost of health insurance is very high, often times including this extra insurance is too costly to the employer. This company has created a large selection of insurance options and network plans customized to fit almost any budget. They will cover companies will as little as 10 employees. Some of the discounts you can expect to find with this company include discounted eye exams, up to 40% off regular eyewear prices, reduced prices on items such as contact lens solutions and cleaning cloths. Ordering replacement contact lenses online at a lower rate is an option as well. Members will also receive a percentage off laser vision correction surgery on regular and promotional pricing. This benefit alone is worth hundreds of dollars and many vision insurance companies don’t even offer discounts on LASIK surgery.

As with most insurance companies, there are specific doctors that will take EyeMed insurance and give the selected discounts offered by the company. They supply you with a provider locator that will help in finding what optometrists in your area will accept this insurance. Several private practitioners are affiliated with this insurance company as well as some of the top optical retail providers such as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, LensCrafters, and JCPenney Optical. Many of these retailers offer evening and weekend appointments making for an easy and convenient way to get eye exams for everyone in your family.

Although this company offers a considerable amount of discounts for exams, eyewear, and corrective surgery, they do not offer plans for individuals or families. In order to participate in their insurance plans, you will need to contact your employer and check out whether or not it’s affordable for the organization to enroll and include in their benefits package. EyeMed does a great job of making it cost-effective for companies by providing three different network plans that are accommodating and specific to your company and your companies’ needs. These three network plans include EyeMed Access Plan, EyeMed Advantage Plan, and EyeMed Select Plan. For more detailed information about these network plans, you will need to contact a sales representative.


As we mentioned earlier, it is vital for a company to supply detailed information about their insurance, coverages, and discounts to help in your research of comparing and contrasting with other companies. This is something EyeMed does quite well. They include the useful details on the discounts they offer and on what items. They supply an outline of the different network plans and offer very specific contact information where you can get your questions answered. The Contact Us page furnishes toll-free phone numbers, address, and email forms. The page is outlined exclusively for members, potential members, existing clients, current or prospective providers, and prospective clients and current or prospective brokers. Having a page this exact saves you, the consumer, loads of time trying to track down the correct department or being transferred all over the company to the particular person or department you are looking for. This again is a time-saver and shows how much the company cares about making things convenient and easy for the consumer.

More and more individuals are taking their individual and family health into their own hands. People are looking for tools and resources to become more knowledgeable about not only their health, but their eye health. One of the features of EyeMed's website is their Eye Wellness 101 section. You can find information on the importance of eye exams, disease awareness, selecting the proper eyewear, and videos for you and your children on preparing for an eye exam. For anyone that has children and deals with the anxiety children feel before a doctor appointment, this tool alone could be the perfect asset. Once you start diving into this section, you’ll find they have separated the information by age group so the information can be age specific and be more helpful. Commonly asked questions and a glossary of vision terms are also included.

Another critical segment of their Vision Wellness 101 is the Eyewear segment. This portion gives a vast selection of tips on choosing eyewear and lenses for you and your needs, including an eyewear and lens checklist and profile. These are things that make shopping for eyewear and lenses so much easier. You will start with some knowledge and know what to expect. This way you won’t buy something you don’t need or that won’t be right for you. There is also a similar section on sunglasses which includes why it’s important to pick ones specifically for you and why getting the right sunglasses is more than a fashion statement; it’s about protection and the future health of your eyes.

Customer Resources

Even though the site is full of information and resources, it is a little more difficult to navigate than some of the other sites we reviewed. It has a lot of great tools for members, online account management, benefits, claim status and more. It even has a complete section for brokers on commission, tools to promote to employers and other great resources. There is also a page that gives more detailed policy coverages and what to expect in terms of discounts. They don’t supply a lot of solid numbers and that is mostly due to the amount of insurance plans they have and how most of that is determined by factors specific to the employer.


One glaring reason EyeMeddidn’t make the #1 spot on our review of online insurance companies was the fact they didn’t offer individual or family insurance outside of an employer. Overall this company is one to research and we highly suggest you check out the matrix and compare and contrast the top companies. After you spend some time perusing the site, you will find this company to be strong, competitive with their rates, and focused on being of high-quality and affordable.