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GMX Review

PROS / GMX offers unlimited inbox storage, which is rare for a free email service.

CONS / There isn't an option for an RSS feed or conversation view.

 VERDICT / GMX is an effective, basic email service.

Like many of the free email accounts we reviewed, GMX is not as well known as the big names that consume a big portion of this category. However, it meets all your basic emailing needs with no complaints. Message composition, contacts, organizers and more are all present and functioning properly. A couple standout features place it above most of its competing services.

  1. How much your inbox will hold.
    GB (More is better)
  2. 4 GMX
    5 GB
  3. 15 GB
  4. 1000 GB
  5. 1000 GB
  6. Category Average
    337.00 GB

Probably the best thing GMX has going for it is its wholesale integration with Facebook. GMX can pull all of your contact data from Facebook. Therefore, if your friends have their email addresses publicly listed on Facebook, GMX compiles them into your address book with zero effort on your part. There is a limitation, though: GMX only imports email addresses for your contact list. It does not pull other publicly listed info such as phone numbers and addresses – you have to enter all of that manually. This is a minor complaint, though. The feature is still convenient and saves you a lot of time. This is one of GMX's most appealing features.

One of its other appealing features is you never have to worry about running out of room in your inbox. GMX gives you unlimited storage for your emails, so you won't ever have to decide which emails are worth keeping simply to save space. This is a significant upgrade from the 5GB of storage GMX used to offer. GMX uses secure SSL connections to ensure your emails are protected and secure. This level of protection is reinforced with GMX's virus scanning and phishing filters, giving you more than adequate security.

There are several problems with the GMX interface. The most noticeable issue is the repetitive and annoying ads that show on the right side of the page. Directly to the left of the ads is another paid widget. Once you get into your actual inbox, the experience is far less cluttered, showing only one advertisement. The text editor is basic, but that's not a bad thing. A unique aspect of GMX's email is that you can choose your stationery and frame your message like a personalized card. This is a nice feature for personal emails, but not professional emails. It's also missing helpful organizational features, like an RSS reader and a conversation view to group emails from the same sender together.


GMX thrives on simplicity and a basic interface. The on-page ads can be annoying, but overall, it ranks as one of the best email services because it receives email as fast and securely as its top-ranked competitors. Its integration with your Facebook contacts is an outstanding feature that makes this service even more user-friendly.