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Pros / You can create mirror image and local backup sets.

Cons / Restoring files isn't very easy.

 Verdict / Acronis True Image Cloud has all the features you'd expect in one of the best Mac cloud backup services, but the value is just average.

Acronis True Image Cloud is the online backup service arm of the Acronis brand of data protection and backup software. As such, the desktop app has comprehensive backup and restore features, like local backups and disk imaging. However, the overall value was average in our cost evaluation, and the overall performance was inconsistent.

To determine the overall value of each Mac online backup service in our review, we considered the cost for a large family to back up at least five devices, a small family to back up at three devices, and an individual with one Mac to back up. Then we tested the backup and restore speeds and evaluated the service's ease of use during each phase.

Acronis True Image Cloud has three subscriptions. Each subscription comes with unlimited storage but is delineated by how many computers and mobile devices you can back up. For an individual, the subscription costs $99 per year, which received a B in our cost evaluation. For a small family with three computers, the cost is $159.99. This received a C- in our cost evaluation. For a large family with five computers, the cost is $199, which received a C.

The backup speed of Acronis True Image Cloud received a C+. After multiple tests, it recorded a speed that suggests it would take a little less than a week to complete a 1TB backup. The ease of use for the backup process received a B-. The biggest issue with the app is the reliance on symbols for the features. This poses a significant learning curve because you have to figure out what the symbols mean through trial and error.

Acronis True Image Cloud has comprehensive backup features. Unlike most cloud backup services for Macs, you can treat the app like data backup software and back up to a local computer or external hard drive instead of the cloud. You can also create and back up disk images, which means you can back up your entire system, not just files. The disk image backup is an advanced feature.

The restore speed was good, receiving a B in our tests, but it wasn't impressive. The most disappointing aspect of the restore process was the ease of use. You can't restore files to the original location. We also found it strange that the desktop app, which was packed full of tabs and features, wouldn't allow you to restore files. Instead, it redirects you to the web portal, which is where you have to download the files into a zip file.

Acronis' security features are excellent. The files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, and you have the option to maintain the encryption key, which ensures that you're the only one who can view the files. In addition, the service has a two-step verification option, which protects against hackers gaining access to your data if they have your password. When you enter your password, the service sends you a PIN through a text message, phone call or email that you need to enter to gain access to your account. In this way, your actual presence and attention is required.


Acronis True Image Cloud features many advanced features like local backups and disk image backups, but the overall value and the performance is average. In addition, while the backup process doesn't have a big learning curve, restoring files is a complicated process with a significant learning curve.

Acronis True Image Cloud Visit Site