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Pros / You can own your encryption key.

Cons / The overall value is very low.

 Verdict / OpenDrive provides excellent security and performed well in our tests, but the overall value is very low, and the app is difficult to use.

OpenDrive is an online backup service available on both Macs and PCs, though it's known largely for its file-sharing capabilities. The web portal is also great place for online collaboration. While the service provides excellent security and performed well in our tests, the cost per subscription doesn't compare with more valuable Mac cloud backup services. It's also missing many of the common features of online backup services like in-place restore and unlimited file versioning.

We evaluated OpenDrive's value per subscription based on three hypothetical users: a large family with at least five Macs, a small family with at least three Macs and individuals looking to back up one Mac. We also tested the backup and restore speeds, and closely evaluated the ease of use.

OpenDrive costs $129 per year for a single subscription, which comes with unlimited storage for two users. Each additional user costs $9.95 a month, or $119.40 per year. For an individual, the relative value received a B-, which is above average but not great. For a small family, you have to add an additional user, which brings the annual cost to $248.40 or $82.80 per computer. This received a D- in our cost evaluation. For a large family, you have to add three users to the subscription, raising the cost per computer to $97.44 each year, which is why it received an F. For comparison, IDrive costs less than $9 per computer each year for a large family, which is almost the equivalent of one month per computer with OpenDrive.

In our backup speed tests, OpenDrive received a B, recording an average speed that suggests it could complete a 1TB backup in less than 6.5 days. For comparison, the fastest backup service in our tests could back up the same data in about 2.8 days, while the average speed was just over 11 days. Unfortunately, the ease of use for the app's backup phase received a disappointing D-. In addition to having many steps, the app was buggy. Often, the app wouldn't launch at all and features wouldn't work. We acknowledge that this could be an isolated issue with our test Mac, but it definitely hurt the Ease of Use score.

The restore speed was excellent, receiving an A- with a speed that suggests you could download 1TB in less than five days. The ease of use received a D- for the restore phase. You have to download files within the web portal, which adds steps. You can't download the files to the original location either.

One of the best features is the option to have a private encryption key. OpenDrive encrypts data before it's uploaded to the servers with 256-bit AES encryption. Having the option to customize your encryption key means that you're the only one who can see the files you upload. The one downside to this is that, if you forget the encryption key, there's no way of viewing the files. The service can't reset the encryption key.


OpenDrive is better used for backing up a PC and for online collaboration than for backing up a Mac. Even though the backup and restore speeds were good, the app was unreliable and often refused to respond. With a personal encryption key option, you can ensure that your files remain private.

OpenDrive Personal Visit Site