Pros / ePier does not charge listing or final value fees.

Cons / The service's selling features are limited.

 Verdict / ePier has less members and selling features than top-rated auction sites; however, the service is free and offers multiple ways to promote your merchandise both on and off the site.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

ePier attracts both sellers and buyers with its online auction site. With several item categories, buyers can find a wide range of products that encourage them to use the site. With the site attracting buyers, you can list your items without selling fees and with confidence that you keep the profits from your sales.

With no listing and final value fees, ePier is an online auction site where you can keep the profits you make from selling your items. ePier limits the fees it charges it members. Instead of charging per item, the service makes it money from members who upgrade their listings or open a store with their site. It costs a small fee to upgrade your listing, which you can do by bolding your text or highlighting keywords. Creating a storefront with the site costs a small monthly fee.

ePier has over 200,000 registered users, which is significantly less than other top-rated auction sites. With so few users, the items you list will have limited traffic. The site also lacks some key selling features, such as advertising, traffic reports, automatic bidding and resolution centers. Without these features, the number of views your items get are limited, as well as your ability to see where your potential buyers are coming from. However, for a small fee, ePier will place your products on the homepage or at the top of each category that will increase your traffic.

While ePier is missing some valuable selling features, it has several other tools that help improve the selling process. Though you can't monitor traffic, you can track how many potential buyers have viewed your item. To enhance your items or store, ePier allows extra photo options. In case you find sellers you trust with similar interests, you can save sellers or search for items by seller.

This auction website does not have its own return policy. You set your own policy, and there is no resolution center to resolve conflicts between buyers and sellers. As such, nothing binds buyers and sellers to their transactions. However, buyers can leave feedback about previous transactions on a seller's page, which encourages sellers to provide customer service in order to avoid poor feedback. Additionally, you can block specific bidders from viewing your items.

ePier offers multiple methods of payment for you to use. Depending on your settings, your buyers can pay for items using PayPal, personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders or Google Checkout. A variety of payment options helps you attract more buyers to your merchandise.

The bidding service offers several different support options. You can contact representatives by email and phone. The service also features a community forum where you can discuss questions and solutions with other users. ePier also has an extensive FAQs page that's helpful for new users, buyers and sellers.


With no selling fees, ePier's online auction site is an attractive option for sellers. Buyers can find all kinds of different items on the site from sellers who offer a wide range of products. While the site has limited selling features and a smaller audience than other top-rated auction sites, it offers a free and safe environment for buyers and sellers.