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Webstore.com Review

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PROS / You don't pay selling fees or membership costs with this auction site.

CONS / Advertisements finance the auction site, so the interface has lots of ads.

 VERDICT / While Webstore has some ads and a smaller membership base than the top-ranked auction sites, the numerous selling features make it useful to sellers and buyers alike.

Webstore.com is an auction site supported by advertisements and donations from its users. This allows you to keep your costs low, without paying listing and membership fees. Additionally, this online auction site provides a wide audience with more than 300,000 registered users. It is a simple and extremely easy-to-use service to help you make a little extra money.

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Depending on how much you donate to Webstore, the service offers incentives that help you sell. While the advertisements make the interface cluttered, they also enable it to offer free services. Unlike other online auction sites, Webstore is completely free for you to sell items on it. You can become a verified seller at no cost. The site does not charge listing, relisting, final value or listing upgrade fees. You can even set up a store with the site for no cost.

Webstore is a growing online auction site. It has more than 300,000 registered users. While this isn't the largest user base of the online auction sites we evaluated, it certainly is near the top. In addition, Webstore offers several features to draw in buyers. Not only can you advertise your store and merchandise within Webstore, but the service also submits your items to various search engines to promote both your items and the site. While Webstore does not offer detailed traffic reports, you can get a good idea of how popular your items are with the page view counter.

This online auction service lacks certain features. For instance, it does not offer a resolution center to mediate buyer-seller disputes. Instead, it takes a proactive approach in teaching its users how to avoid scams in the first place, but a resolution center would still be helpful for when you don't receive payment or the buyer has an issue with your product. The auction service also encourages you to leave feedback after each transaction to build up merchant and buyer reputations and increase consumer confidence.

Webstore promotes community on its bidding site. Instead of buyers being limited to searching for items, they can also search by seller. If you regularly sell products they're interested in, they can save you to their favorite sellers and view your merchandise regularly. On the flip side, if you have poor transaction results with certain buyers, you can block them from bidding on your items. As a seller, you get a communication score that reflects how quickly you respond to potential buyers as well.

Webstore accepts most major payment methods. It supports money orders, checks, credit cards, and popular direct online payment methods such as PayPal. It is up to you to determine what payment methods you accept from your buyers.

While Webstore does not offer live support, such as phone, live chat or community forums, it does have an extensive, searchable FAQs page. You can also send an email inquiry and wait for a response this way.


Webstore not only offers a completely free selling platform, but it also promotes your items with its various selling features. This is the best auction site for keeping all of your profits. It offers the same service that other online auction sites do, but for free. While the service's community is comparatively small, its advertising and promotional tools help your items sell.