Pros / The restore speed is exceptionally fast.

Cons / The ease of use is average.

 Verdict / SpiderOakONE provides above-average value with above-average performance, which is why it's among the best cloud backup services.

As an online backup service, SpiderOak's priority is privacy and security. With a heavy emphasis on zero-knowledge security, the service is ideal if you want to ensure that you're the only one with access to your data. SpiderOakONE features subscriptions ranging from 2GB to 5TB with a cost per computer that is above average. And while the backup performance was just average, the restore performance was exceptional, though the ease of use is average.

For our comparison of cloud backup services, we evaluated the relative value of backing up 1TB of data with more than 30 online backup services. We evaluated the cost per computer for large families with at least five PCs, small families with at least three PCs and individuals with one PC. After eliminating services with an exceptionally high cost, we thoroughly tested the backup and restore performances of the 23 remaining services. Finally, we evaluated each desktop app's ease of use from the perspective of a novice user. The services with the best value and performance made our Top Ten Reviews comparison.

SpiderOakONE's 1-TB subscription costs $129 per year for unlimited devices, which received a B- in our evaluation of an individual with one computer. For a family with five computers, it receives a B- for value because it costs roughly $26 per computer per year. It received a C at the small family level of our evaluation because the cost per computer is about $43. In comparison, the services with the best value are twice as cheap as SpiderOakONE. For example, IDrive costs just $59.50 for 1TB and unlimited devices.

SpiderOakONE received a C+ in our backup speed tests. The speed we recorded suggests you could complete a 1-TB backup set in about 18 days. For comparison, the fastest backup speed in our tests posted a speed that was about 12 days faster.

The Ease of Use score for SpiderOakONE's backup process also received a C+ in our evaluation, which means that it has an average learning curve. There are at least six steps to initiating a backup set. For the most part, the desktop app easily facilitates the backup process by moving you from one step to the next, and the settings and features are clearly labeled with text, not symbols. The biggest reason the app didn't receive a higher Ease of Use score is the difficulty we had in launching the app. The process requires you to click on the icon in the task bar, which isn't clearly evident.

The most impressive feature of SpiderOakONE is the file-restoration performance, which received an A in our tests. In every test we ran, this service had the fastest speed. The app posted a speed that suggests it could complete a 1-TB restoration in about 2.5 days. In comparison, the next fastest service we tested could complete the same restoration in about 6.5 days.

SpiderOakONE's restore process received a C+ for Ease of Use. Much like the backup process, there are an average number of steps involved in the process. The biggest issue, though, is finding where in the app this feature is located. The app has tabs labeled for the backup process, but the restore process isn't represented in the tabs. Instead, you stumble on it in the "Manage" tab. Once you find it, the learning curve is minimized.

Every cloud backup app offers some form of file versioning, but SpiderOakONE is one of the few services that comes with unlimited file versioning. This means that you can restore a file to any point in the file's history.

Privacy and security is a priority of SpiderOak. The service heavily markets its zero-knowledge policy, in which it promises that nobody but the user has access to the files through a private encryption key that unlocks the 256-bit AES encryption. The one downside to SpiderOakONE's security is the lack of two-step verification, which protects against hackers from gaining access to your account even if they have your password. The service used to have the feature, but it's been deactivated, though they've promised us they have plans to reinstitute the option in the future.

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SpiderOakONE is an excellent online backup service that offers above-average value with good performance. While the backup speed didn't blow us away, the restore speed was the fastest in our tests. In addition, since data privacy and security is a priority, you can confidently store your files with this service.

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