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Pros / It has versioning and scheduled backups.

Cons / Norton only gives you 25GB of storage space.

 Verdict / Despite its meager storage space, Norton Online Backup excels with its features.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Norton Online Backup is an online data backup service that allows you to back up a maximum of five computers for an affordable price. It works with both Macs and Windows PCs, and your data is safe and secure. Unfortunately, you only have 25GB of space available, which limits what you can back up, even on a single computer. Similarly priced services offer far more online storage.

You can set up Norton Online Backup to automatically back up your data and files, including photos, music and documents daily. You can also select specific files to back up as well. You can use this online data backup service to run backups remotely as well. You can use keywords to search through your backed-up data.

Another quality feature that Norton Online Backup offers is its open file backup so you won't lose any files that happen to be open when it performs a backup. One of the most common uses of open file backup is archiving your emails.

Norton Online Backup keeps several copies of your files each time you re-save them. This is called file versioning, and it comes in handy if you accidentally save over the file you really want. Not only will you have multiple versions of your files, but even files that are deleted from your account are actually saved in the Norton archives just in case. Furthermore, Norton Online Backup’s file versioning lasts for 90 days, much longer than the typical 30-day period of other backup solutions.

Recovering your files is just as easy as saving them, and it’s easy to find the exact file you need. With advanced search options, you can locate files by searching by name, save date or even file size.

Norton Online Backup is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems (including 64-bit systems), as well as popular web browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera. You can easily back up as many as five computers (including laptops, netbooks, external hard drives) and manage them all. Migrating files between computers is ridiculously easy – a great opportunity if you’re looking to transfer files from an old computer to a new one – even between PC and Mac systems.

Norton Online Backup includes file sharing. You can send any backed-up file to anyone via email. You don’t have to worry about sending huge files through email. Norton sends an email to the recipient, which allows them to access your file. They won’t have to download any additional programs. Not only do they only have access to the specified file or folder you send, but you can also require that they use a password for additional file security.

With this online data backup, files transfer securely with 128-bit SSL encryption, and they are stored on 256-bit AES encrypted servers housed in several geographically dispersed data centers. As mentioned before, even sending a file to a friend or a coworker via email is safe. Not only will they only have access to the exact file you specify, but you can require that they insert a password to access the file.

Norton Online Backup seems more expensive than other online data services, but keep in mind that Norton Online Backup is based on a yearly subscription rather than the traditional monthly plans. With data compression, you’ll probably get a lot more stuff saved in 25GB than you would have thought. Furthermore, Norton’s 25GB account lets you manage up to five computers, so you don’t need to manage separate accounts.

Norton Online Backup is fairly simple to use. The whole process is straightforward and direct, so saving a backup copy of exactly what you want is no problem. Furthermore, since a daily backup is scheduled automatically, you really don’t have to monitor your storage at all. There are no disks or drives to manage, and the whole system can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

The only element you have to download to your computer is tiny; almost everything is online. The user interface is direct and intuitive, with nothing too flashy to get in the way.

Norton Online Backup’s streamlined interface and intuitive navigation make it very simple to use, and it even features integrated tool tips throughout the application. Norton Online Backup also offers quite a few helpful resources for additional support. You can access a knowledgebase and FAQs online, or contact an assistant anytime over email, phone or even online chat.


We are impressed with Norton Online Backup. It has a slew of advanced features, making this a dynamic online data backup and storage solution. Setup and maintenance are automatic, and managing the storage is completely straightforward. Norton Online Backup has proven to be an efficient, secure and flexible way to back up (and just as important, restore) files online.

Norton Online Backup Visit Site