Pros / This online printing service offers easy-to-use design tools, templates and produces excellent-quality products.

Cons / It only offers 22 product categories to choose from. Other services we reviewed offer double that selection.

 Verdict / FedEx Office is a trusted brand name that lives up to its reputation. You can expect a good experience and superior-quality products.

FedEx Office earned a well-deserved spot in our review of the best online printing services. It allows you to design, customize and print products from simple business cards to flyers, posters, brochures and more. And its reputation is well earned: It produced the some of the best-quality products of all the online printing services we reviewed.

The most important tool offered by FedEx is its product design tool. This feature allows you to build a project from scratch, or you can use one of their predesigned templates. The design tool is quite easy to learn and use. You also have the ability to save your designs, which makes it easy to revisit your project, make any changes and reorder. Anyone with basic computer skills can design their project exactly what they want with few to no problems.

FedEx Office offers all the basic products we look for in the best online printing services. It has 22 categories of products to choose from. While this is enough to meet the needs of most customers, uncommon items like menus and tickets can't be ordered. Other services we reviewed have up to 95 product categories.

We designed and ordered a test product from FedEx. When it arrived, we weren't surprised that the quality of the paper and printing were both excellent. The colors were deep, rich and true to our design. The small details of the graphics were crisp and clear. The quality of our prints were as good or better than every other product in our lineup.

FedEx Office offers a number of finishing options for your printed business documents and marketing materials. You can have your presentations or manuals bound using a number of different bindings. You can also insert tabs and attach covers. You can also have your documents hole-punched and collated. FedEx Office also includes options to have your printed documents cut or folded as needed.

FedEx started as a shipping company, so it's no surprise it offers a range of shipping options and that delivery is fast. You can ship FedEx Office products to your home or business with a number of delivery options, including overnight shipping, and you can track your shipment online.

With the added benefit of an extensive network of physical FedEx Office locations worldwide, it's easy to pick up your online printed materials at your local store. You can also have FedEx courier services deliver them to you from its closest store. Same-day delivery is available within 20 miles.

  • Product Categories
  1. This number reflects the number of customizable product categories each service has to choose from.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 9  FedEx Office
    22.0 Categories
  3. 38.0 Categories
  4. 2  4over4
    91.0 Categories
  5. 89.0 Categories
  6. Category Average
    48.9 Categories


FedEx Office has great online design tools that anyone can use. It prints excellent-quality products ranging from flyers and posters to car magnets and yard signs. It has a decent selection of items though not as many as other products we reviewed. If you put your trust in this brand name, you won't be disappointed.