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ADrive Review

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PROS / This cloud storage provider is easy to use. You can quickly create public links to your files you want to share and keep your files organized.

CONS / If you need a lot of storage, ADrive becomes expensive compared to other online data storage providers we reviewed.

 VERDICT / ADrive has its benefits with its online text editor and easy-to-navigate interface, but it becomes pricey once you get past 100GB of storage. If you don't need much online storage, ADrive is worth your consideration.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Storage Services here.


ADrive has an inexpensive premium plan of 100GB. Once you start to exceed 100GB, the prices begin to rise drastically. This online storage service may seem like a good deal, but when you compare ADrive to our top three cloud storage providers, the perspective shifts from high value to high-priced for storage space.

This service has recently upped the size of a single file that can be transferred from 2GB to 16GB. This large file size transfer is one of the few advantages to using ADrive as your online data storage provider, since you can upload entire directories and folders at once without having to add individual files manually.

Uploading and downloading is simple with this web storage service. You can drag and drop your files from your desktop or laptop right into your uploader, where it will upload automatically. The larger the file, the longer it will take to upload. When you have uploaded your files, you can use the sidebar menu or right-click on your files to make them public or not. You can share your files with others who don't use ADrive by creating a public link and emailing the link to others.

After you upload your files, any changes you make to a file or document will only be archived for seven days. File archiving allows you to pull up previous versions of your document. If you don't end up liking a change you have made, you can restore a previous version of the file, but only within seven days.

ADrive does possess one unique standout feature: its Zoho Editor. When accessing your stored files through the ADrive web interface, there's no need to download files in order to edit them. The integrated editor allows you to make changes to documents directly in the interface. This alone makes the online storage service a great option if you plan on storing mostly text documents and accessing those documents from various computers.

Like all of the online storage services we reviewed, all file transfers are SSL-encrypted and your account is password-protected to prevent unauthorized access. One of the most reassuring security features this service employs is geographical redundancy. This means the online storage service stores several copies of your data in different places. If something were to physically damage an ADrive facility, such as a natural disaster, your data would still be accessible on a server in a different location.

ADrive's simplified usability is appreciated, considering its limited support options. The company provides technical assistance via email, but not by telephone. It also has only a handful of online resources, including FAQs and community forums. Regarding the latter, you have to create a username before you're even allowed to view the forums.


Drag-and-drop uploading and one-click downloading make ADrive a simple online storage provider to use. The seven-day file archiving is nice, but many of the online storage services we reviewed have longer time frames. If you need more than 100GB of cloud storage, ADrive starts to become costly.