Pros / FlipDrive prompts you to back up digital content you might not think to, such as browser preferences, bookmarks and contacts.

Cons / The service has a very high cost-per-gigabyte and lacks a local backup client.

 Verdict / Consider FlipDrive only if you’re interested in storing content beyond basic file types.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

In an industry saturated with competition, FlipDrive has a difficult time making a significant mark with its high cost and narrow functionality. Aside from a sparse feature set, this online storage service is expensive compared to other services we reviewed, with a high cost-per-gigabyte. But if you can look past its limited functionality, FlipDrive delivers a unique approach to online storage that you won’t find elsewhere.

At approximately 50 cents per gigabyte, FlipDrive is one of the most expensive online storage services we reviewed. The service, however, makes up for its high cost with some beneficial offerings. Firstly, FlipDrive places a unique emphasis on wide file support. While all of the cloud storage services we reviewed can store any type of content, FlipDrive prompts you to sync content you may not have thought to otherwise, such as browser bookmarks and address books. Beyond basic file types, the service has default folders for you store photos, calendars, contacts and your favorite websites.

While we appreciate this approach, the advantages of FlipDrive pretty much end there. The service lacks the ability to schedule automatic backups, and it doesn't have comprehensive mobile access. The inclusion of a backup application would give the service more stability and minimize tedious manual uploading. Likewise, greater mobile access would grant wider access to stored files and subsequently widen its appeal among prospective users. As of now, FlipDrive only offers an app for iOS devices, though you can access your account from any mobile browser.

When it comes to data security, FlipDrive provides only minimal security measures. The service transfers all of your information using 128-bit SSL encryption so files will remain private during transmission. Your account is also password protected to prevent unauthorized access to your files. Beyond that, FlipDrive doesn’t offer any additional security measures. Other online storage services we reviewed also provided encryption for files in rest, something FlipDrive doesn't do.

FlipDrive’s help and support options are likewise lacking, providing little more than a handful of general FAQs and an online contact form. At the very least, we’d like to see a user guide or tutorial for further product explanation and additional contact options. Using the online contact form, it took three business days to receive an answer to our inquiry.

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FlipDrive clearly isn’t the most robust or feature-rich online storage service; it lacks backup capabilities, support options and comprehensive security measures. However, for those who want to store all their most frequently used files in the cloud, FlipDrive is a versatile option that allows you to store virtually any type of digital content.

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