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JustCloud Review

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PROS / This online storage service has an easy-to-follow layout that presents all of your backup information clearly and concisely. You’ll know exactly what was backed up and when.

CONS / JustCloud may terminate your unlimited storage plan if you exceed 500GB in a short period.

 VERDICT / This is one of the most intuitive services we reviewed. However, it doesn't offer a truly unlimited plan.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Storage Services here.


JustCloud provides an easy layout for you to install and immediately get started with online storage service. The web-based control panel, desktop client and mobile applications all work in harmony, with drag-and-drop syncing that gives you access to all of your files on multiple devices. The desktop client and web storage applications provide easy-to-read options and information so you know exactly what you have backed up, when, on what devices and how much data storage you have left. JustCloud takes all the questions out of online backup and guides you through the process with intuitive application design.

This service claims unlimited file storage space on its website. However, according to the terms of service, if you exceed 500GB in a short period of time, JustCloud has the right to cap or terminate your service. This is something to keep in mind if you have more than 500GB to back up.

JustCloud provides a wide range of features that make cloud storage both easy and effective. Most important are its backup options. You can set backups to occur on a specific schedule, such as daily, weekly or monthly. You can also initiate automatic backups, meaning the service automatically saves any changes to backed-up files and new files added to any backed-up folder. This serves as a double layer of protection to ensure all your data is secure even between scheduled backups.

System backups can use up a lot of your bandwidth. This online file storage service lets you manage how much bandwidth it uses to back up your system. You can also keep your upload bandwidth under a certain level to help stay under any restrictions set by your ISP. For example, you can set your backups to only upload 1GB of info a day or 20GB monthly.

The online storage service also boasts useful file-sharing capabilities. Whether you want to share photos with friends or a slideshow presentation with colleagues, JustCloud allows you to share files or entire folders with others. You can share your files by email, Facebook or Twitter, or you can create and send custom, private links for specific files.

Beyond backing up and sharing files, this service offers an array of convenience features. For instance, file versioning allows you to restore previous versions of your files in the event you accidentally delete the latest version, and the service keeps a detailed history of all your actions. The secure cloud storage also allows you to upload files up to 10GB in size, and it has a convenient file preview so you can see exactly what a file is before downloading it.


JustCloud has a clean layout that is intuitive and helpful when getting starting on your system backups. This online data storage service not only backs up your system, but also lets you share and sync your files with others. JustCloud is a great mix of file storing and sharing.