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OpenDrive Personal Review

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PROS / Your data is protected with zero-knowledge encryption.

CONS / The overall value is very low, especially as you add users.

 VERDICT / OpenDrive has an excellent web portal for file sharing and online collaboration, but the desktop app is not very easy to use and the upload speed is very slow.

OpenDrive is many things rolled into one service – online storage, online backup, file syncing and online file sharing. For the purpose of this review, we tested and evaluated the online storage facets of the service. The cloud storage that OpenDrive offers is unlimited for two users, which is one of the best features. While the security features are excellent, the overall value is low. In addition, the desktop app is not very easy to use.

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For our cloud storage review, we evaluated the comparative value for individuals, small families with at least 1TB of storage and three users, and large families with at least 1TB of storage and five users. We also tested the upload and download speed of the service and evaluated the ease of use of the desktop app. We considered these aspects of performance and value to be the most important indicators of a top cloud storage service.

  1. This is the yearly cost for a family of at least five devices or users and 1TB of storage.
    Lower is Better.
  2. 9 OpenDrive
  3. $59.5
  4. $119.88
  5. $99
  6. Category Average

The biggest downside to OpenDrive is its high cost. For individuals, the cost is $129 per year, which received an A- in our cost evaluation. This subscription comes with an extra user, but each additional user is $9.95 a month. This means that a small family of three users pays $229.00 a year and a large family of five users pays $448 per year. Both costs received a D- and F, respectively in our evaluation. For comparison, the best cloud storage service in our review offers a subscription costing $44.62 per year, whether you have one user or five. The upside of OpenDrive is the unlimited storage, which adds value to the cost, though not enough to compare to the top cloud services in our review.

OpenDrive’s upload speed received an A- in our tests. After performing multiple tests at every time of the day, including tests run on the weekend, the average upload speed suggests it would take you about seven days to upload 1TB of data. In comparison, the service with the fastest upload speed would upload the same amount of data in less than five days. The download speed was a little slower, receiving a B+. The average speed suggests that you could download 1TB of data in about 10 days.

OpenDrive received a D- in our ease of use evaluation. The main reason for this low grade is the number of steps required to upload and download files. Most of the features in the desktop app can only be accessed through right-clicking, which poses a significant learning curve for a novice user. In addition, the features of the desktop app aren't labeled clearly. For example, there's no upload or download button. Instead, to upload files, you have to click on the "New Task" button, which is small and difficult to find. To download files, you have to right-click on the uploaded files and find it in the drop-down menu. Using the web portal directly is much easier, as you can drag and drop files into your account.

The best feature of OpenDrive is zero-knowledge 256-bit AES encryption. Zero-knowledge encryption is an industry keyword that basically means you have the option to own and maintain your encryption keys and that the encryption keys are never stored on the servers. With zero-knowledge encryption, you're the only one who can decrypt and view the files. However, this comes with some risk, as the service can't reset the encryption key if you forget it.


OpenDrive has an excellent web portal for file sharing and online collaboration, but the desktop app is very limited and difficult to use. The cost per user is very high compared to other online storage services on our lineup. The upload speed was among the fastest, and the download speed was also well above average. If security is a major concern, then OpenDrive is one of the most secure cloud storage services available.

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