Pros / The download speed is excellent.

Cons / The overall subscription value is just average.

 Verdict / SpiderOakONE is one of the most secure cloud storage services available, and the performance is above-average across the board.

SpiderOak's priority as a cloud-storage service is privacy, making it an ideal service if you want to make sure your data remains your data. The personal cloud storage service, SpiderOakONE, offers file-backup, device-syncing and file-sharing features with subscriptions that range from 2GB to 5TB. While the value of its subscriptions border on average, its overall performance in every facet we judged, Cloud Access, Security, Help and Support, was excellent.

For our comparison of online storage services, we evaluated the relative value of 23 cloud services. We broke this evaluation into large families with at least five computers, small families with at least three computers and individuals with one computer. We thoroughly tested the upload and download performance. Finally, we evaluated the desktop app's ease of use, as it pertains to a novice user.

SpiderOakONE’s 1TB subscription costs $129 per year for unlimited devices. For a family of five computers, this costs roughly $26 per computer per year, which is why it received a B- for value. It's above average, but not by much. Likewise, it received a C for value for our small family evaluation because the cost per computer is about $43. Overall, the value is just above average. The cloud services in our review with the best value are more than twice as cheap as SpiderOakOne.

In our tests, the upload speed received a B-. After multiple tests, the average upload speed was about 51 MB per minute. At this rate, if you're uploading 1TB of storage, it would take almost two weeks. However, the download speed received an A-, placing it among the services with the fastest download speeds. It recorded an average download speed of about 106 MB per minute. At this speed, you could download 1TB in less than a week. In comparison, the average download speed in our tests was over 2.5 weeks.

SpiderOakONE's Ease of Use score received a B in our evaluation. The desktop app is set up to easily facilitate the upload process. The settings are clearly labeled and easily accessible from the main page of the app. However, downloading files is little more complex, though once you've figured out that you access this feature through the "Manage" tab, the process is very easy. In addition, the app doesn't launch unless you click on the icon in the windows notifications task bar. We're not sure if this is a bug or by design, but it makes launching the app difficult to figure out when you begin.

As mentioned in the beginning, file security is SpiderOak's priority. Not only does SpiderOak own and maintain its own servers, it also ensures that no one can access and view your files with zero-knowledge encryption. Each file you upload is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and you own the encryption key, which means that even if SpiderOak's employees wanted to view your files, they can't. With many other cloud-storage services, it's common practice that the service's privacy policy grants access to its employees to view your files at any time. With this service, you never have to worry about your files being used by the service.

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  • Value for Large Family (1TB +5PC)
  • Value for Small Family (1TB +3PC)
  • Value for Individual (1TB + 1 PC)
  • Weeks to Upload 1TB
  • Weeks to Download 1TB
  • Encryption level
  1. This is the yearly cost for a family of at least five devices or users and 1TB of storage.
    Lower is Better.
  2. 4  SpiderOakONE
  3. 1  IDrive
  4. $119.88
  5. $99.0
  6. Category Average


SpiderOakONE is among the best cloud storage services because it combines high performance with above-average value and high-end security. While the upload speed is just above average, the download speed is among the fastest available. In addition, with security being a priority, you can confidently store your files with this service.

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