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SugarSync Review

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PROS / SugarSync makes it for you to sync your files between computers. The desktop and mobile device apps are easy to use.

CONS / Files larger than 300MB cannot be uploaded through the SugarSync website.

 VERDICT / SugarSync is clean, secure and easy to use. If you are looking for an intuitive app to help you sync your files across multiple platforms and don't need to upload large files, SugarSync is the cloud storage service you've been looking for.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Storage Services here.


SugarSync isn't the cheapest online storage service we reviewed, and while completely unlimited storage would be ideal, the service is still notable in terms of what you get for the cost. This online storage service provides several storage plans to choose from, ranging from 60GB to 1TB for business plans. Its lowest-tier plan offers enough space to hold 3,000 documents, 6,000 photos and 6,000 songs. SugarSync also offers business plans designed for multi-user accounts. The best thing about SugarSync's business plans is that they are scalable. You can add additional storage and users to your account as needed, ensuring you never pay for more storage than you are using.

SugarSync makes it easy to sync your files across multiple computers and mobile platforms. You can drag and drop your folders into the My SugarSync desktop folder to automatically sync to all of your devices, or you can use the SugarSync control panel to search your computer and select individual folders to back up. The layout of the control panel is simple and intuitive to navigate. The search bar lets you find specific files when you have many uploaded to the cloud.

SugarSync boasts robust file sharing. You can create public links for files to share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or in emails. When you invite them to view files, recipients simply click on the link, no sign-up required. This makes the service a great option for storing photo albums; you can access them anywhere and easily share them with friends and family members. This online file storage service provides a gallery section specifically for storing and sharing photos. You can disable existing links at any time and view how many clicks each of your links has received. You also have the option of creating shared folders, a valuable collaboration tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

When you're sharing files and folders, the service allows you to set strict folder permissions that dictate how recipients use the files. For instance, you can choose to allow recipients to only view the files, or you can allow them to edit the files.

This web storage service mobile app clearly displays the content you have synced from other computers. You can only sync your photos from your mobile device to other computers. The mobile app doesn't allow you to sync music or other files.

This secure cloud storage provider recommends that you don't upload a single file larger than 300MB. Anything larger than that will upload slowly and strain your bandwidth. SugarSync also archives your files, which is also known as versioning, and can save up to five versions. While it doesn't keep as many versions as some other cloud storage services do, we like that SugarSync only counts the most recent version of a file toward your storage limit.


SugarSync is an easy and intuitive online cloud service that excels in syncing your files between multiple platforms. You can choose multiple storage plans ranging anywhere from 60GB to 1TB. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to sync your files between computers and mobile devices and don't need to sync files over 300MB, consider this online data service.