Pros / YouSendIt boasts unlimited storage, easy-to-use functionality and access to files from virtually any internet connection.

Cons / The service caps maximum file size at 2GB.

 Verdict / YouSendIt is the go-to online storage service for professionals seeking unlimited space or versatile file sharing.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Offering unlimited storage and convenient accessibility, YouSendIt sits on solid ground in the competitive online storage industry. Designed as an email alternative, this online storage service is built on the premise that you should be able to easily send and receive large files. Recently, YouSendIt added cloud storage to its growing repertoire of services. As a result, YouSendIt is a versatile file sharing and data storage service that is quickly climbing the ranks.

The most significant thing about YouSendIt – and we imagine the most alluring for prospective users – is its unlimited storage offering. While many online storage services cap how much data you can store, this one imposes no such limitations. You can store as many documents, slideshows or photographs as you want. While home users may not have a need for unlimited space, many business users do, especially if they routinely create and share dozens of documents in a single day.

Since YouSendIt is more rooted in file sharing, it comes as no surprise that the service doesn’t offer any traditional backup capabilities. For instance, you cannot schedule backups of existing files and folders on your desktop. However, the service keeps all files you have uploaded to your account synced – whether you added them via the desktop app or the web interface. This way you’ll have the most up-to-date file version no matter where you are and how you access it. There are also rich sharing capabilities, including the ability to send files with a single click, share folders with any recipient and even digitally sign documents.

In regards to accessibility, YouSendIt is about as versatile as an online storage service can be. On par with our top-ranked cloud storage services, this one provides widespread and convenient access to your files from its desktop app, web interface or any mobile device. The service provides apps for all major smartphone and tablet platforms, or you can simply access your account from a mobile web browser.

While we are overall impressed with YouSendIt, the service has one glaring drawback: limited file size. Regardless of which of the three plans you sign up for, YouSendIt limits file size to 2GB. This amount will likely suffice for most users. However, many of the other online file storage services in our lineup offer unlimited file size and some users may need to send and store files larger than 2GB.

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Despite the limited file size and a few other minor shortcomings, YouSendIt proves to be an excellent online storage service. The clean, intuitive interface is refreshingly simple. Whether you are familiar with file sharing or not, you’ll find this service easy to use, with functionality that is intuitive and straightforward. These elements make YouSendIt worthy of comparison to our top-rated cloud storage services.

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