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Gillware Data Recovery Review

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PROS / The total process, from the evaluation to the recovery, takes an average of only five days, which is one of the fastest turnarounds in our review.

CONS / It doesn't have a certified cleanroom for recoveries.

 VERDICT / Like all of the top RAID recovery services we reviewed, Gillware Data Recovery has the expertise to recover data from all types of storage devices, but the lack of a certified cleanroom is concerning.

Gillware Data Recovery is an excellent RAID recovery service that works hard to set itself apart from other services in this industry. With Gillware, you have access to technicians with the expertise to recover data from all types of storage devices and data loss scenarios. In addition, a third party audits the security procedures and policies, ensuring that your data is safe and secure. However, the same can't be said about the cleanroom, which is only self-certified.

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While many scenarios of data loss are beyond recovery, Gillware claims it can rescue data from almost any device, regardless of the damage incurred. The recovery process begins when you send your RAID drive to the company's facility for a free evaluation. During this process, the technicians closely examine the drive to determine what is recoverable and how to recover it. When the evaluation is complete, they send you a full account of the files that they can recover via email. You can then review the list and decide whether recovering the data is worth the cost.

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Gillware Data Recovery has one of the fastest turnarounds, at an average of five days. Of course, this average turnaround time is based on a single drive. If you need the data even faster, you can upgrade your account to a priority service that puts technicians on your recovery 24 hours a day until it's complete.

The most standout characteristic of Gillware Data Recovery is the security. The data on your RAID drive could be sensitive to your business, your family or you personally, so it's critical that your data is protected and secure. Gillware is a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder, meaning the company is authorized to provide data recovery services to government agencies and employees, so it has some of the strictest security policies and procedures. These must be audited by a third party to receive SSAE 16 Type II accreditation.

One downside is the customer service, which scored a 75 percent in our tests, compared with the 95-percent score of the best services we reviewed. To determine the score, we anonymously asked the customer reps a series of questions then compared answers. The biggest issue was unanswered questions. It’s frustrating when you ask a customer service representative a question and he or she doesn't answer. Since trust is one of the most important aspects of any RAID recovery service, this is a significant concern.


Gillware Data Recovery is a good option for recovering data from a RAID drive, as it has the expert technicians to recover data from all types of storage devices and scenarios. Your data is securely stored at all times, as the service meets the stringent security protocols required for any company with a government contract. However, we'd prefer better customer service and a fully certified cleanroom.

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