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Pros / The customer service is exceptional, scoring 95% in our consistency test.

Cons / Its public certification for its ISO 5 cleanroom is outdated compared to other services.

 Verdict / SalvageData Recovery's combination of a great evaluation process, high-end customer service, a certified cleanroom and a SOC 3 security audit develops the trust necessary to know that the service can successfully recover your data.

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Rescuing data from a damaged RAID system is stressful and expensive. RAID drives are more complicated than standard hard drives, and to salvage missing information requires qualified experts. SalvageData Recovery removes the stress by providing exceptional customer service with a detailed and free evaluation. In addition, this service has expert technicians that work in certified cleanrooms. Not only are technicians extremely successful at recovering data from damaged RAID drives, but the SSAE SOC 3 security certification proves that the service takes its data privacy and security protocols seriously. For these reasons, SalvageData Recovery earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best RAID recovery service.

  • Customer Service Consistency
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  2. 2  SalvageData Recovery
    95.0 %
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  5. Category Average
    80.0 %

RAID Evaluation

Your decision as to whether or not you will employ a particular recovery service is made during the evaluation process – and customer service is likely to be the biggest factor on which you base your decision. SalvageData Recovery proved to have one of the best customer service departments in our review, scoring 95%.

To determine this score, we contacted SalvageData through anonymous emails and phone calls and asked a series of questions. Then we compared the responses to gauge how consistent information was provided by the service to a potential client. We found no contradictions and only a few unanswered questions. Compared to other RAID recovery services we tested, SalvageData's customer service was refreshingly helpful.

SalvageData Recovery offers a free evaluation of your RAID system and promises that you won't pay for an unsuccessful recovery. The turnaround time for the evaluation is one or two business days, depending on how complex your situation is. The evaluation includes a full diagnostic report of your RAID drives and itemizes the costs so you know exactly what you're paying for. 

Recovery Service

The most important feature of any RAID service is the cleanroom where the technicians perform data recoveries. SalvageData uses an ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom. This is important; many RAID system recovery services claim to have cleanrooms, but the rooms aren't certified by a third party.

A cleanroom is essential for a successful recovery, because it is designed to limit particulates that can damage the exposed platters of the drive. Without a certification, you can't be sure that the service maintains its cleanroom. SalvageData clearly displays its ISO certification on its website; however, its last certification is from 2012, which is outdated compared to the other companies on our list.

SalvageData Recovery can recover data from all types of media and operating systems. The service also offers on-site recoveries and remote recoveries, though this is costly. In addition, if you suspect that the data loss you have experienced is logical in nature, which means that there's nothing physically wrong with the RAID drives, you can purchase DIY recovery software from the service.

The average turnaround for a job is four to five business days. Since RAID recoveries are typically more complicated to perform than those on standard hard drives, you should expect your turnaround to take longer. As with all RAID recovery services, you can upgrade your recovery to an emergency or express account, which costs more but speeds up the process.


SalvageData Recovery is one of the few RAID recovery services to receive SSAE 16 SOC 3 audits of its data privacy and security procedures. A SOC 3 audit isn't much different from a SOC 2, which is more common, but a SOC 3 report is designed for a public audience, whereas a SOC 2 report is limited to a smaller audience of just stakeholders. 

To maintain compliance with this security certification, SalvageData sticks to strict security protocols that regulate the entire facility, including protocols for computer access and employee movements. All employees with access to the cleanrooms must pass a thorough background check and be credentialed before access is granted.

As with the most secure RAID recovery services, the entire facility is under constant surveillance. Access to the storage areas and storage cages is controlled with biometric locks, which both track and control access to sensitive areas. Recovered data is automatically protected with 256-bit, military-grade encryption. Technicians never open and browse client files, and RAID drives are tracked at every point in the process. In terms of security, you can trust this service to keep your sensitive data safe.

Help & Support

SalvageData Recovery provides the best customer support in our review. The personal connection the company strives to make with customers is impressive. Not only are you assigned a dedicated case manager who walks you through the entire process, but you also have access to excellent resources through an online portal. This personalized support is something most other RAID recovery services don't offer. It alleviates the stress of data loss.

Since data loss can occur at any time, SalvageData provides 24-hour assistance. If your RAID server goes down in the middle of the night and you need help immediately, the support staff is available to get you started. Cases are continually updated in real time.


SalvageData Recovery is the best RAID recovery service in our review. It combines excellent customer service with a certified ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom and an SSAE 16 SOC 3 security audit. The service has the expertise and personalized attention to rescue data from catastrophic data loss situations. The bottom line is you can trust this service with your RAID drive.

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