Pros / dishNET gives you 50GB of bandwidth to use daily during late-night hours, letting you get caught up on downloads or media streaming.

Cons / The premium upstream speed is only 1 Mbps.

 Verdict / dishNET has simple basic, intermediate and premium plans for any budget, as well as a few extra features. However, it throttles your bandwidth once you've consumed your monthly allotment and doesn't have as much off-peak data as other providers.

If you live in a rural area within the United States, you probably know that good internet coverage is hard to come by, especially if you're on a budget. dishNET solves both of those problems with its budget-friendly satellite internet. Though its premium upstream speeds aren't as fast as those from other providers and it throttles your bandwidth once you use yours up, the plan customization features and great customer service make dishNET a decent option.

Base plan subscribers get up to 5 megabits per second (Mbps) for downstreaming, which is for items such as videos that you download, and up to 1 Mbps for upstreaming, or data such as photos that you upload to social media or other outlets. On the premium plans, you can expect up to 15 Mbps for downstreaming and 1 Mbps for upstreaming, which is slightly less than what the top satellite internet providers offer.

As for data, on the basic plan, you have up to 5GB of anytime bandwidth per billing period, and as a premium subscriber you get up to 15. However, internet providers that service rural areas understand this isn't much data, so dishNET also gives you 50GB of late-night bandwidth you can use from about 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. Though these aren't the most convenient hours, it helps you manage large downloads or catch up on streaming Netflix.

If you use up all your data before the end of your billing period, dishNET lets you buy small amounts of additional data at about $10 per single gigabyte. This generally keeps your access at your regular speed. Once you use up all your bandwidth, dishNET is likely to throttle your internet until your billing period refreshes to help ensure that all of its customers have access.

The standard contract for dishNET is two years, though if you bundle on additional items such as a phone plan, it could be different. If you cancel your service before your contract term ends, it charges an early termination fee. If you travel heavily during part of the year or just want service for your vacation home, its hibernation plan lets you suspend your service without violating your contract.

Prices, plans and fees vary by location for all satellite internet providers, so you'll need to contact dishNET to determine whether or not it services your area and what specific plans are available to you. dishNET has outstanding customer service options, available via phone, email or live chat. If you are an existing customer, you can access and manage your account directly through dishNET's direct customer support portal.

  • Base Anytime Bandwidth
  • Premium Anytime Bandwidth
  • Base Optimal Downstream
  • Base Optimal Upstream
  • Premium Optimal Downstream
  • Premium Optimal Upstream
  1. The total amount of bandwidth you have to use during peak usage hours.
    More is Better.
  2. 5  dishNET
    5.0 GB
  3. 5.0 GB
  4. 10.0 GB
  5. 3  Exede
    10.0 GB
  6. Category Average
    8.0 GB


The best satellite internet providers give you more bandwidth than dishNET and don't throttle your bandwidth like dishNET does, but dishNET is still a good deal for those who don't need to heavily use the internet. The fact that it lets you buy additional data once you use up your monthly amount is a plus, as is the extensive, helpful customer service, making this a good budget option for satellite internet.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Bandwidth Threshold

Base Anytime Bandwidth (GB)
Premium Anytime Bandwidth (GB)
Late Night Bandwidth (GB)
Bandwidth Throttling At Data Cap
Can Purchase Overage Data

Speed & Performance

Base Optimal Downstream (Mbps)
Premium Optimal Downstream (Mbps)
Base Optimal Upstream (Mbps)
Premium Optimal Upstream (Mbps)


Basic Plan Estimate (monthly)
Installation Cost Estimate
Equipment Leasing Fee (monthly)
Activation Fee Estimate

Account & Contract

Number of Plans
Up to 3
Early Termination Fee
$20/each remaining contracted month
Hibernation Plan Available

Support & Resources

Dedicated Customer Support Portal
Live Chat
Online Resources