It's difficult enough navigating the millions of pieces of data flooding the internet at any time without having to deal with the learning curve of social media monitoring software. Salesforce Social Cloud, part of the Marketing Cloud, excels in making the analysis and reporting of items of interest simple. It augments its user-friendly interface with a large library of how-to videos. If you are new to social media monitoring and analysis, this software is worth considering for this alone, but it has other strong features as well.

Like all social media monitoring software, this social listening tool scans blogs, news, Facebook posts and other sites throughout the internet – over 650 million sources. It uses keywords to pull out the information you tell it you need. Therefore, you can look not only for your company name or a competitor’s name, but also keywords associated with your product or service. The software is specific, so if you know of a common misspelling, include it. It filters out spam messages and duplicates.

This software can determine the profession and education level of someone posting as well as the common demographics of age and gender. Salesforce keeps an archive of posts, so you can do comparisons and trend analysis, and it integrates with Google Analytics, which is a good tool for traffic analysis. The sentiment accuracy is about on par for social media monitoring sites, and you can manually alter it if it flags a post inaccurately. It does not have the ability to translate posts. The reports are standard and generate automatically, and you can choose which to include or exclude.

Salesforce complements this social listening tool with social media engagement. From the software, you can respond to posts. In fact, you can drill down in the sentiment reports to see specific posts so that you can respond. You can also direct posts to other Salesforce clouds, such as Sales Cloud, and set user permissions so specific people or departments can handle parts of the software.

Social Studio is part of Marketing Cloud and integrates with the other Salesforce products. If you are interested in an all-in-one solution, this is important. However, you can get it separately. Salesforce also has application interface programming to integrate the data with other software, including customer relationship management software.

This social listening and analytics tool excels in user friendliness. It offers videos, documentation and live courses. In addition, you receive tech support contacts in the software itself. A dedicated account manager helps you with the software.

Marketing Cloud is one of Salesforce's many marketing tools. It concentrates on social media monitoring but adds engagement features. Its ease of use and excellent tutorials complement its monitoring and analysis prowess to make it worth considering, particularly if you are new to social media research.