Pros / This social media monitoring tool collects data from broad media coverage and filters through mentions and conversations to find the most relevant information.

Cons / Although Beevolve offers sentiment analysis in over 39 languages, they do not offer translation support within the dashboard.

 Verdict / The social media realm and Beevolve harmonize to create a social media monitoring tool that is effective in searching, collecting, analyzing and reporting data.

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Operating a small business is stressful, which is why enlisting the help of a social media monitoring tool to search for and log data is almost essential in today's web-centric world. Beevolveis a social media monitoring tool that allows you to break down the mentions and conversations about your company into demographic and geographic locations so you can identify your target market with ease and develop a successful social media campaign. The name Beevolve originated from combining the idea of the symbiotic relationship that bees have with flowers and the idea that social media and humans are developing a co-dependent relationship as well.


This social media monitoring tool weaves through the tangled web of social media and captures key information for social media optimization. Beevolve finds your target market by sifting through your mentions and conversations to find people with online clout. The Active Influencers widget identifies those key influencers and allows you to engage with them to help promote your brand and product. For total social media optimization, Beevolve updates and feeds information into your dashboard in real time.


If you choose the standard monthly pricing plan, you are able to have 12 search terms and five user logins. Additionally, Beevolve will analyze an unlimited number of mentions and posts for you. If you are a small business, 12 search terms may be more than enough to fit your social monitoring needs. Medium business may find this number somewhat limiting, however. If you own a local business, this social media monitoring tool enables you to focus keyword research to a specific geographic region, age group, gender and interest. So say you own a vintage record store, you could target mentions and conversations from 19- to 30 -year- old men living in New York who love music. So specific!

Even if you don't commission a PR professional to handle the media affairs for your small business, Beevolve makes it easy for you and your employees to manage your social media presence. Through the workflow interface, you and four other employees can log in to the dashboard and respond to those who mention your product or brand in the social media realm. This workflow allows you to directly respond to positive and negative Tweets and posts about your brand.

Back Office & Reports

You can put an advertisement online, run a half-page in a newspaper or have a sound bite on the radio, but when it comes to advertising, most people trust a friend's recommendation over an advertisement. Word-of-mouth advertising is critically important to the success of your company. Do people hate your brand or do they love it? You need to know and you need to know now. Sentiment measurement is crucial for any social media campaign, as it collects the positive, negative and neutral comments about your product and brand circulating the web.

Beevolve combines statistics with a Natural Language Processing algorithm that detects sarcasm and irony, which other social media monitoring tools with less advanced technology could mistake for negative sentiment. Beevolve also supports sentiment analysis in over 39 languages.

These tools are somewhat limited when compared with the sentiment analysis of our top-rated social media monitoring firms, however. While Beevolve will easily manage the basics of sentiment analysis and give you relevant and useful information, other services offer more in-depth analysis and monitoring options.

Social Engagement

Beevolve provides information through textual and visual means. Geographic and demographic information, such as source distribution, gender mentions, age group, country and volume are represented by graphs charts and images, which makes visualizing your success that much easier.

Help & Support

This social media monitoring tool specializes in social media optimization for small and medium businesses (SMB) and provides adequate technical support such as a phone number, online support form, Twitter support and a Facebook page. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, however, Beevolve will help you with the account setup process and provide insights into what keywords you should track and what social media services you should use.


Who, what, when, where and why. Beevolve provides data so you know the answers to these essential questions about your company's social media presence. Beevolve uses various algorithms and technology to find key influencers and recognize the sentiment of mentions. While many of the tools are not as in-depth as other top-rated monitoring services, Beevolvehelps you gather the information to help you determine your target market based on geographic, demographic and intense language sentiment analysis – information that is necessary for implementing a successful social media campaign.