Pros / Viralheat allows unlimited access to mentions of your chosen keywords across unlimited streams of information.

Cons / It does not filter out spam.

 Verdict / Viralheat thoroughly scans the internet for mentions of your selected keywords and provides analysis and reporting about your company and products. However, it does not filter out spam, so you may get some false hits.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current Social Media Monitoring Reviews here.

With billions of posts, blogs and news sources on the internet, it's tough to collect all the information that's important to your business, much less filter through the noise to get to the information that's relevant to you. That's where social media monitoring software like Viralheat comes in. Viralheat scans multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more, in addition to news, blogs and forums. From all these messages, it can pull out the ones that mention the keywords you deem important, analyze them for content as well as sentiment and help you organize that information into reports.

While Viralheat does not translate languages, it can search in any language on the internet for mentions of your company, product or keywords you select, and present you with a language report. While translation would tell you what's being said, this can still give you insights into potential spheres of influence to pursue. Like all social media monitoring software we reviewed, it can identify and highlight influencers – people with a strong internet following who are interested in your product or similar products.

It can determine positive, negative and neutral sentiments with an accuracy of 70 to 80 percent as well as identify factors that suggest potential buyers. One standout feature is that it does not rely on engineers to improve its sentiment accuracy; as you and other customers adjust incorrect sentiment assessments, Viralheat includes this feedback to train the software for everyone.

Viralheat integrates with Google Analytics and offers reporting about demographics, influencers, traffic activity and more. You can set rules for prioritizing how a post shows up, so your most important keyword searches get your attention first. You can also manage your response by directing posts to other users or departments, schedule posts, and assign others to respond to something someone else posted. Plus, it can integrate with customer response management software.

This service lacks a couple of things, however. It does not filter out spam messages, so you will have some false or useless messages to sort through. Most services automatically search and remove spam messages. This software also does not identify the profession or education level of the poster. You cannot print reports in PDF format, although you can download to Excel and save from there. Finally, this software as service is not mobile-friendly, so you can only use it on your computer.

The help and support is about par with most of the social media monitoring and response services we reviewed. Viralheat offers a dedicated accounts manager to help you effectively use the software, and you can get technical support via phone and email. The Viralheat blog and reports give you extra insight into the changing world of social media. This service doesn't have specialized training or live chat support, however.


It's more important than ever to keep your finger on the pulse of social media, yet with so many people posting through so many different venues, the task is nearly impossible for the average business. Viralheat takes the bulk of the work off your hands by gathering and analyzing the millions of posts around the world and selecting just those that interest you. Although it does not filter out the spam, its sentiment accuracy and strong features make it a good choice for social media monitoring and response software.